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Aquaphor, Eczema and Bum Genius Diapers

A.H. asks from Grand Junction

My son has severe eczema on his entire body and sometimes we are applying Aquaphor 3 times (or more) a day. I was told by Bum Genius reps that this cream would affec...


Aquaphor in Child's Hair

B. asks from Minneapolis

My daughter put Aquaphor in her hair. I've washed it with baby shampoo, but it doesn't come out. Anyone know how to get a petroleum jelly based product out of hair?


Eczema & AA Skin Care

C.. asks from Columbia

Ok - so I have a new 2.8 yo foster son, who joined our family last Wed evening. He has eczema in several places... mostly knees, elbows, chin (known cat allergy, no ...


Please Help (Daycare Issues)

A.P. asks from Chicago

My 20mo old daughter attends daycare in illinois full time and lately my husband and I have been having some issues with them. First of all it seems like the teacher ...


Skin Care Problems for Mom

D.S. asks from Asheville

Before I had my daughter I had great skin that needed very little work done to it. Now that I've had her I swear the total chemistry of my skin has changed! I'm hav...


Masectomy Care Package

L.S. asks from Los Angeles

i've reviewed some of the former questions regarding this, but wanted to run this by you .. my bff is having a masectomy next week and i wanted to put together a care...


Radiation Care Package

E.D. asks from Seattle

Hey Folks, How are you doing? My goodness, it's been long time since I've been on here! So first a quick update: my baby isn't a baby anymore, she's nearly two! ...


Advice Needed for Daycare Facilities, Baby Shopping , Birthing Classes Etc

S.K. asks from Minneapolis

Hi moms, I have a few questions regarding planning certain things for my baby.I am now in my 5th month. I don't have many friends here who have babies , so it woul...


Skin Care

T.C. asks from Atlanta

For a week now I have noticed my 10 month olds skin getting VERY dry (almost cracking) & bumpy. I know it has got to be uncomfortable for her! What is the safest and ...


Baby Skin Care

N.K. asks from Albuquerque

I was just wondering if any of you could recommend a good cream or something for my baby's skin. I have a 10 month old son who has these horrible little dry patchy s...