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A.C. asks from Chicago

I have a question and hopefully you can help me out with it. My sister lost her job and wanted to start babysitting/daycare and were trying to get her name out there ...


Part Time Day Care

K.O. asks from Dallas

I am looking for part time day care on specific days of the week. I would like the school to follow the Frisco ISD calendar. Does anyone know of a flexible day care ...


Child Day Care

E. asks from Chicago

I am looking for a day care facility or home day care provider in the southwest suburbs. I am looking for something that is on my route to work. I am looking for a...



M.S. asks from Chicago

My question is for at home daycare providers and families who take their children to at home daycare. I have my own at home daycare, have been doing this for many...



D.B. asks from Spokane

my son is turning two in july and has always had someone to take care of him, usually his father. unfortunately we are going through a divorce at the moment, so a sin...


Daycare or Not

I.A. asks from Rochester

Hi Moms, I am debating the thought of putting my 13 months old daughter in daycare part time (2 days a week). My mother in law is sitting with her 7 am - 6 pm while I...


Good Day Care!!!!

W. asks from Boca Raton

Hello everyone!!! I have to go back to work after staying home with my little one for 15 month. And is nerve racking just to find a good day care. If you can advic...


Choosing Day Care

A.D. asks from Great Falls

My daughter is four months old, I spent 13 weeks at home with her before returning to work, and my husband has been home for 5. He only has 6 more weeks left before h...


Losing Things at the Day Care

K.R. asks from Miami

Hello I have a question. When I went to pick my son at the day care they said that somebody took his Lunch Box that I bought last week with everything inside. His ...



D.H. asks from New York

I work over an hour away from my son's daycare, that is because I use mass transit. I do have a few people around whom I can call on to pick up my son in the event of...