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Seventh Generation Diapers and Other Brands

M.P. asks from Chicago

I have a new baby and he has incredibly sensitive skin. I've always used Pampers with my daughter and never had any problems but he seems to need something a little ...


Natural Diaper Wipes and Daycare

O.B. asks from Minneapolis

My three month-old is about to start day care and we are asked to supply the wipes. Curently I use soft pieces of fabric and wet them down with just water, but what ...


Switched to Cloth Diapers and Now Has Diaper Rash.

C.L. asks from Madison

This past Sunday we switched my daughter to Bum Genius 3.0 cloth diapers. We are using Seventh Generation detergent. She has developed a red diaper rash on her lips...


Any Users of Bio/eco Friendly Diapers?

K.V. asks from Johnson City

I am tired of putting disposables into the trash only to know that they will still be there when my grandchildren are diapering their babies! I have read some reviews...


A Disposable Diaper Question

E.B. asks from San Francisco

We use cloth diapers for our 2 year old. She hasn't had a disposable on since we came home from the hospital. We have decided to use seventh generation diapers for ...


Good Night Time Diaper NEEDED

S.S. asks from New York

HELP! We have leaks almost every night! At first we thought Seventh Generation diapers were less absorbant so we used Pampers at night, and changed him at least 1x ...


Cleaning Products for Home Daycare(non Bleach)

J.M. asks from Minneapolis

what kind of products do you use in your home daycare I am getting a headache from the smell and also have kids that have asthma that seem irritated by the smell and ...


9 Month Old Waking up Soaked Every Morning

J.D. asks from Los Angeles

My 9 month old son is waking up every morning between 4:00 and 5:30 just soaked, all up the front of his pajamas. We have to change his diaper and his pajamas while h...


Has Anyone Tried Chlorine Free or Gdiapers?

S.O. asks from San Diego

Which is more cost effective? Right now we are trying Nature BabyCare diapers and I really like them. They don't seem to irritate my DD's bottom like the other regu...


Looking for Recommendations on "Green" Disposable Diapers

D.S. asks from San Francisco

My husband really does not want to use cloth diapers (our son is due to be born in early January 2010.) My husband has had 2 children previously so has some experienc...