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Part Time Day Care

K.Y. asks from Chicago

This has been a difficult challenge for me. I am a first time mom and really want to stay home with my son but need the income. I am looking for part time day care fo...


After Day Care Transition

M.B. asks from Seattle

Hallo mamas, I would like to ask you to share your wisdom and advises with me again. My daughter is 26 months and is going to day care full time for few months alre...


Nursery Furniture and Day Care

N.C. asks from Los Angeles

I am 29 weeks pregnant and will be having a c-section the early part of January. I need some help looking for a crib and dresser. I would also like to start looking...


Best Day Care for My Infant

M.P. asks from Las Vegas

Does anyone have suggestions for the best day care (in home or a center) for my daughter who will be only 2 months old when I have to return to work?


Going Rate for Day Care

J. asks from Denver

was wondering if anyone know what the weekly "going rate" for in home day care is these days. thanks for your help!


Seeking Quality Day Care

A.S. asks from Dallas

New mom seeking quality Day Care in North Dallas or Addison area? Any recommendations? Has anyone used Kindercare or Primerose?



S.L. asks from Topeka

I have situation with my daycare provider. When my son first started going there I was not aware that this home daycare had dogs. I am a dog lover but one of the dog...



N.C. asks from Washington DC

We started my son back into daycare after being home with me for about 8 months. He's only going twice a week but he is hysterical every morning when I drop him off....


Day Care in Naperville

K.L. asks from Chicago

I am looking for a day care home with that takes infants to start watching a 2 month old beginning Jan 07 for 3 days a week. Does anyone have any suggestions in the ...


Presents for Day Care Teachers

M.J. asks from Sacramento

Hello, I am just wondering if any of you buy your child's cay care teachers a present for christmas? My son really has 4 teachers that take care of him during the w...