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Acid Mantle (Cream Mixed with Hydrocortisone) - Is It Safe?

J.L. asks from Philadelphia

I have a 15 month old son who has extremely sensitive skin and had horrible ezcema (sp?) since he was an infant. We found out that it was mostly caused by an allergy...


Can Prolonged Use of Hydrocortisone Cream Affect Growth of Child?

M.L. asks from San Diego

Hello moms. My 18 month old boy has chronic eczema since he was 6 months old and have been using a hydrocortisone cream prescribed by our pediatrician. We have been ...


Eczema & AA Skin Care

C.. asks from Columbia

Ok - so I have a new 2.8 yo foster son, who joined our family last Wed evening. He has eczema in several places... mostly knees, elbows, chin (known cat allergy, no ...


Eczema Care

S.S. asks from Orlando

My little guy has spots of eczema in the creases on his neck, elbows and knees. Sometimes he scratches at it making it very red. Any suggestions for good products or ...



K.L. asks from Denver

What types of natural ointments and lotions etc have you had success with for toddler eczema? I'm trying to avoid the hydrocortisone use because it can lead to asthma.


Skin Care for 10 Year Old

K.W. asks from Chattanooga

My Granddaughter has rough bumps on her face and the back of her arms. Description: red bumps and some have whiteheads, feels like sand paper. The doctor says nothi...


Eczema Care

S.P. asks from Philadelphia

Hi Moms I know many of you have kids with eczema and am looking for your tips for dealing with the rash. My youngest son is 7 months old and just last Thursday br...


Toddler Sensitive Skin -- Skin Care Advice Needed

J.R. asks from Miami

Dear Mommas, My almost 2 year old has very sensitive skin. Very pale. I use SPF 50 sunblock when we go out and bathe him with cetaphil. My questions: 1. Is it...


Personal Care

S.H. asks from Fort Smith

Moms, do any of you have this underarms itch to death? It doesn't matter if I shave them everyday or if I skip a couple days, if I use spray deodorant o...


2Yr Old Son with Ezema

R.A. asks from Phoenix

I have a 2yr old that has really bad ezema and I cant seem to get it to go away. I took him to the Dr. and he said to put Hydrocortisone cream on him. The ezema is al...