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M. asks from Myrtle Beach

Looking for a good daycare for my 15month old that she can go thru to kindergarden. I want her to be in a learning but fun environment with low student to teacher ra...



S. asks from Minneapolis

Does anyone out there have a daycare near Shakopee that offers part-time/flexable and is resonably priced? I am a stay at home mom looking to enter the work world soo...


Licensed Day Care or Not

C.J. asks from San Diego

I am looking at placing my son with my neighbor who is doing day care as a side job. She is not licensed. I have watched her two children grow into great teens / you...


Day Care Vs. Kindergarten

I.N. asks from New York

My son is in day care that gives him Pre-k education. They also have Kindergarten, but I have to pay regular day care price. The kids are fed homemade meals, play on ...


Day Care Issues

A.R. asks from Salt Lake City

I have a three year old and a six year old, both girls, both in day care/ preschool full time (the oldest one rides the bus there after school). Up until now this day...


How Would a Day Care Center Handle This?

V.S. asks from Philadelphia

Wondering how a day care would handle a baby that wants to be held all day long? I have a 6 week old baby who will not sleep during the daytime hours unless he is in ...


In Home Day Care?

A. asks from Chicago

Any tips on finding In Home Day Care in Chicago's Northwest Suburbs? I've surfed the web and haven't found a list or site (that's seems reliable!). Any help would b...


New to Day Care

J.W. asks from Philadelphia

My daughter just started Day Care this week. One of my co-workers warned me that she might be "a little dirty" when I went to pick her up....sure enough, she was cov...


,Starting a Unlicened Day Care.

K.C. asks from Washington DC

my friend and I would like to start up a day care of course will be training in CPR and First aid. How many children are we allow to have. She has a baby that of cour...


Stay with Day Care or Quit

M.P. asks from Philadelphia

Hi, My son has been going to day care for about a month and half now. He is 18 months. He goes 2 half days, I work at home and my in laws also lives with us. Drop...