Birthdays: Toddler

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Birthday Present for My Soon to Be 11Yr Old (B-day Oct 4Th)

Ok, I know I'm cuttin it close, but that's usually what I do. I have no clue what to get my son for his birthday. I don't have a lot to spend and he is at that point where he doesn't really "play" with toys. Things he's asked for....a PSP (yeah right), a pocket rocket motorcycle (I'm thinking not), Heelys (maybe, but $80 for a pair of shoes with wheels?), and I think that's all he's suggested. HELP, other than some different games I haven't come up with anything.


My Sons B Day Party

my son is turning 2 and i have no idea what to do for his birthday please...


B- Day Cakes

Hi Moms, I am looking for a bakery that makes cakes of dinosaurs or...

Birthday Party Preparation

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What to Do for 2Nd B-day?

Hello, MOms, My son will be turning two in February and I do not know what to do. He loves balls - any and all. He lies the monkey from Curious George and Jungle Book. I would like to do something with balls but I can't think of anything for his age. His firth b-day was Happy Feet which was a bug hit! Any suggestions would be great on some kind og ball themed 2nd year b-day party. Thanks!


Daughters 2Nd B-day

Hi Moms, I'm starting to think about where & what to do for my daughters...

Gift Ideas

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How Do I Present a Bunch of Photo Albums as a Gift?

for my dad's birthday, I compiled about 600+ photos that he had taken in the last 35 years. I put them in huge photo albums. Now I have 6 of these albums. How can I give them? They're way too heavy to all be put into one box. I'd like to present them in a nice festive way since its he birthday and he loves presents. Thanks!


Present for Me?

Hello All, My DH has been after me for idea's of what I want for...