My Sons B Day Party

Updated on March 01, 2007
E.M. asks from Villas, NJ
7 answers

my son is turning 2 and i have no idea what to do for his birthday please help any ideas would be great

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answers from Washington DC on

It sounds like you're on a budget, so be practical. Most 2-year-olds don't need an extravagant party and there's no telling how he'll act at the party anyway, since toddlers can be moody and unpredictable. I would keep it short, around 2 hours in length. The Dollar Store has great party items from cups and plates to decorations to party favors. (I go there every time I'm planning a party!) Maybe just have cake and ice cream, instead of a full menu. If your son has a favorite cartoon character, you can have the bakery put a picture of it on the cake. If you wanted to have a party outside of your home, try booking a place on a weekday since the rates are much cheaper than a weekend. And, remember that birthdays are suppose to be about celebrating the fact that your little one was blessed to see another year! As long as he is surrounded by people who love and care about him, (and he gets to eat cake- smile), he'll be happy! Hope all goes well!!

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answers from Pittsburgh on

Hi E.! We kept my son's 2 year party very small. He really likes Nemo, so I bought him a Nemo cake at the grocery story and went to the party store to buy him a Nemo balloon and some matching plain balloons. I also bought him Nemo plates, cups, and napkins. We only invited his cousins that are close to age in him and that he hangs out with a lot, as well as a couple of aunts and uncles of mine and my husbands that we are close with. It was a small party and my son had a blast. I would pick his favorite character and just build something around that. You don't want it to be too big, or it may overwhelm them. Just have fun with it and keep his age in mind.

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answers from Scranton on

Hi E.,
For one of my sons bday parties, I had a pirate theme. It was really cute, but I dont know if he is too young? I went to the thrift store and gathered old costume jewelery, and ordered chocolate coins and mardi gras beads, and made a treasure chest. I also purchased eye patches and bandanas for each child. It was really cute, but like I said, dunno if he is a little too young.
What about just having a "2" Party? The theme being a 2. I personally like to do off the wall things, the kids are so over innundated with the common theme things. Also the games are fun too. Play pin the tail on the 2? (draw it yourself on a poster board)
Good luck

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answers from Washington DC on

At this age he is still to little to be concerned with anything expensive. You can rent a moon bounce, bake a cake and get some party supplies from the dollar store. Very simple & basic. If he was in daycare you can invite those little friends. Or you could just have cupcakes & juice at a play area in a chick-fil-a or MacDonalds. If there is someone that you know that has a child who's birthday around the same time you can do something together. Just keep it simple b/c all the crazy stuff is more than he really needs. Just get plenty of pics no matter what it is you decide to do for him. I hope this helps a little.



answers from Scranton on

well E. honestly i have a set of twin girls that will be 3 in april and seriously what i did for there 2nd b-day was i bought them there favorite character cake from sam's club cheap but good a few character balloons had a simple meal and went to town with it because we definelty do not have the money to blow on something the kids aren't going to remember and when you take pics and later in life when they see the pics they will just be thankful they got anything. i also just made they day a little special there breakfast pancakes got them a special b-day toy etc nothing big



answers from Allentown on

What does your son like, eg Dora etc? Put a party together around that. My daughter's b-day is in October, and at 2, she wanted a pumpkin party, so we decorated pumpkins. The kids loved it.

If you want somewhere to do it, we have gone to numerous parties at Moon bounce places and they have been great for all ages.



answers from Reading on

Hello, i would say that it dosen't have to be a major party based on your situation. i would say that kids like the ballons and the treats so i would reccomend a small party with a theme that he likes (blues clues, barney, etc) and just get a 1 pack of everything for the party, which each pack brings 8 . just invite 7 other kids . it'll save you money and there wont be as much chaos. i know that with there favorie characters theme, baloons, party favors, treats, and familiar faces friends/family the kids will be very happy. You can have them play games and win prizes and play childrens music make a cd with kid songs for the party . MOST OF ALL HAVE FUN!!!

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