How Do I Present a Bunch of Photo Albums as a Gift?

Updated on December 09, 2008
N.D. asks from Glenview, IL
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for my dad's birthday, I compiled about 600+ photos that he had taken in the last 35 years. I put them in huge photo albums. Now I have 6 of these albums.
How can I give them? They're way too heavy to all be put into one box. I'd like to present them in a nice festive way since its he birthday and he loves presents. Thanks!

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answers from Chicago on

Did you by chance place them in the albums in any type of "order" or "category", like oldest to newest, theme, etc? If so, what about wrapping each album individually, and then give them to him in order...One after another, giving him time to look thru each??
Good luck. However you present them, he will love it!!

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my aunt did the same thing for her parents (my grandparents). she them had them turned into a video

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Last year I compiled pictures for my in-laws and many years ago, it was my gift at Christmas for about 8 family members. This is such a great present from you and a big undertaking!

Personally, I would probably just choose one of the most sentimental albums and wrap it up elegantly, in a nice size box. Perhaps you can include a note or drawing from your daughter saying that this is "This is One Special Album in a Set of Six, Created, Just for YOU!" , then present the others a little later in the evening, when he is done perusing the one.

If you are having a party for him, giving a picture album at a party can take a lot of time to go through, because he may stop and focus on some pictures and get on a roll telling stories ... It will be the "show-stopper of gifts!" Just make sure you have enough time if you choose to present all six. Very nice of you!

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answers from Springfield on

How about getting your daughter invvolved? You said your Dad loves presents so why not get plain white wrapping paper and have your daugher draw on them. You could use stencil numbers and have her give Grandpa each book in order.
Whatever you decide I'm sure he will love it!

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Well, if you can go early and sneak the present in... here's my ideas.
Get a big box, fill it up with peanuts or wadded newspaper, craft paper, etc and put the albums close to the bottom in a stack. Then have him dig 1/2 way through the box searching.
You could have your daughter color the box or the wrapping.

Or wrap them individually and set up a treasure hunt he can do with your daughter.

Or buy him a piece of storage furniture, put all but 1 in the cabinet, and wrap the last one and set it on top. (or clear out a cabinet they may already have.)

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