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Updated on August 04, 2010
M.S. asks from Baldwin Park, CA
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Hello in 4 mos my daughter will turn 1 and im so excited because i would really like to throw her a b~day party, but im a first time mommy so i dont know where to start im thinking of a princess themes but ive seen alot of b-day parties for girls with the same theme, so im thinking about the little mermaid or maybe belle from beauty and the beast. Im just so confused. The reason im planning ahead is because i want friends and family members to save the date. Im also in the thoughts of renting a jumper for the bigger kids, do you think its a good idea? So mommies what have you got for me? Any ideas will be helpful!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much!!!

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answers from Pittsburgh on

Yeah--the First Birthday is kind of overwhelming for the kids. TRY to keep it short, sweet, simple and AFTER nap time! As far as "themes" go--I hate them. I prefer classic birthday decorations or at least classic themes like Snoopy, Teddy Bears, etc. She won't really care unless there is something she really likes right now.

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answers from Kansas City on

since this party is about you not about what your 8 month old baby wants (and a 1 year old won't care either, honestly) i think you should do what you want to do, what you think sounds like fun. one year olds are NOT into birthday parties. especially huge extravagant blowouts.

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answers from Reno on

Whatever you do will be great because your daughter won't remember a thing. First birthdays are really for mom and dad.



answers from Los Angeles on


WOW! When both my girls turned one, we had a family birthday for them. We asked each family member to make a birthday card for them, but not for this year. They were to pick a special year in their own life and write a birthday card for that year. For example, my mom made a card for them for their 26th birthday, the year she had me. She told them of how she felt having me etc. It was great. My Baba made cards for their 60th birthday with a list of what she was doing when she was 60. It will be a nice comparison for them.
The first birthday is more about you than the child, they are truly too young to grasp it. So make it special so that when you baby is older they can really appreciate it.

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answers from Honolulu on

OK, now just understand that this party is for YOU, not your daughter, right? She will probably either sleep through it or be so overwhelmed by it that she will have a huge meltdown. This party is for your family to celebrate the addition of a new member of the family. That being said... Yes, get a bouncy house and have a few crafty activities set up for the older ones. Playdoh works well for all ages, have lots of cookie cutters and standard kitchen implements for them to make shapes, etc. pinatas are always fun. It is very important that you have a person who can attend to the birthday girls needs at all times. She will not know what is going on and you will be busy with hostess duties, so she will need somebody to find her binky, make sure she is not eating the balloons, hold her finger while she walks around, etc. Have a blast!



answers from San Diego on

How fun! When my son turned 1 we invited mostly family and just decorated with balloons and fun birthday plates because our son didn't really know what was going on. We did hire a photographer so we spent money on that instead because we wanted to have great memories of his first birthday with family. Hope you have a great day!



answers from Los Angeles on

If there is something she recognizes like Elmo, Baby Einstein, or Big bird I would make that the theme. Mine loved baby Einstein. So I bought the plates, napkins, and nick nacks to go w/it. Most good bakery's can make a cake off of a picture. Bounce house is always a good idea for the older kids...keeps them occupied. Face painters & clowns are great too. Have fun!


answers from Los Angeles on

I kept it low key with family for my 1st child's birthday but now that I have a 2nd child I started thinking about fun themes too! Yes, it's more for us mommies wanting to decorate & take millions of pictures. As for themes...say you call her "Little Lady" then you could do a ladybug theme for instance "Our Little Lady Bug is Turning 1" or say you call her "Sweets or Sweetie Pie" then do a cupcake theme. A cupcake theme is super cute, super easy & can be done on a budget. If you google cupcake parties....plenty of ideas will pop up. Hope this helps. Have fun!


answers from Los Angeles on

I do agree that the Bday party is not something your little Princess will remember and I had everyone tell me the same thing. However, My Hubby & I were so excited to finally be celebrating OUR baby girls 1st Bday after waiting until we were 32 yrs old to have her and always going to so many other kids Bday parties before finally having our own, we wanted to go big :) We ended up having a petting zoo and a princess pony that had a carriage attached that took kids/adults for rides up and down the street. I got lots of cute pictures from her party and that will be something I know she will love to look back on when she's old enough to understand what we did for her :) I don't regret a thing and everyone loved every bit of it! We got nothing but compliments. She did have fun, she did nap, she won't remember a thing but with that being said, we'd do it all over again! I'm attaching a link to the cute little photo album I made for her and I would suggest doing something similar for your baby so they can see what you did for them when they're old enough to understand :) Good luck with your planning!



answers from Dallas on

Honestly, kids don't care till they're 3 or 4. At 1, it means nothing to HER, but is a meaningful event for YOU! Have the party YOU want to have with your friends, family, etc. Don't bother planning to entertain your daughter. Just enjoy yourself :) A big expensive blowout isn't necessary - she doesn't care at all. Make it a family fun day.



answers from Austin on

Why not save the big blowout for her 3rd or 4th birthday? First birthday's are generally for family. Make or buy a great cake and an extra little one for her to smash. Cater some food so you don't have to cook. Relax and enjoy not having any pressure to HAVE to have a party.



answers from Tampa on

Bubbles are great for kids of all ages! Get a bubble machine and even older kids will have a blast. The jumper is good for bigger kids, but I wouldn't waste a lot of money on it. It's your daughters birthday, so go for things she will enjoy! She probably won't be in the jumper long, and won't be able to be in there with the bigger kids. I had storytime, did bubbles and music and that's about it. I have 3, my third turning 1 in 3 months, and the first two had the most fun running around with the balloons :) Enjoy the day!

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