Christmas Present Ideas for 18 Month Old Girl?

Updated on December 01, 2010
A.D. asks from Rockport, TX
13 answers

My daughter is 18 months old and i'm not sure yet what "SANTA" will be getting her for christmas! do any of you have any ideas? =/

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answers from Las Vegas on

chunky wood puzzles
mega blocks
board books
play shopping cart
play food
play kitchen appliances/untinsels
disney princess tea set
my little pony toys
little pet shop toys
stuffed animals
baby doll
baby doll stroller
2T clothes
dress up clothes
musical activity table
sand/water activity table
play house
sesame street toys
bath toys
playdough (if you don't mind the mess)
chunky crayons, washable markers and giant coloring book

Hope this gives you the inspiration you need. Hope you are having a good holiday weekend.

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answers from Phoenix on

My 19 month old is getting a Pillow Pet, the Crayola "Color Me A Song" desk, a tricycle, a kitchen, baby dolls and a doll stroller, bed and bouncy chair this year.

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answers from Chicago on

Things my 18 month old son is really into right now:

Play kitchens
Little playhouses
Those cars that they can climb into and pretend to drive
A kiddie picnic table that he can sit at with his older brother while they work on crafts
The Little People sets
Melissa & Doug red wooden barn, with John Deere farm animal and tractor sets

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answers from Washington DC on

As a mom I always look for the educational side of the toys I get for my dughter. At 18 months you want to encourage walking, talking, and hand eye coordination. Encourage learnign through playing. Some suggestions: blocks, big legos, ride-on/push toys, magnets, musical instruments, the little people doll house, trucks, balls, shape sorters, stackers, puzzles with big pieces, and Eric Carle books.

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answers from Topeka on

1.Leap Frog Phone/computer
2.Crayola color me a song
3.Fisher Price Laugh & Learn Camera
4.Baby doll
6.Barbie(no small accesories)
7.Baby doll accesories
8.DVD Strawberry Shortcake
I have other items but just don't recall what they are at this time..But the best "gift"of all is all the trash & boxes that come from these presents..
Laurie D.& Sandy D. listed the rest of the items



answers from Washington DC on

My daughter who is about a month younger is getting 2-3 new books and a little motorized car thing.



answers from Fort Wayne on

My daughter is 16 months and she is getting
Weeble Wobble Tree House
Bean Bag Chair
Pretty flower clips and headbands for her hair
Bath toys
Baby doll play set from Graco.
Zhu Zhu Pet
Play doh (from her Grammy...Mommy does not approve ;) )



answers from Austin on

My daughter started playing with a baby doll at that age. I ran across Yookidoo Flow 'n Fill spout online. I found a video on You Tube to see how it works. Looks pretty neat. There are some musical flutes for the bath too. They are a different brand name.



answers from Colorado Springs on

Well... my granddaughter will be almost sixteen months old this Christmas. We're giving her some clothes, some easy puzzles with handles on the pieces, and (believe it or not) a real bird feeder that will stick by suction to the living room window outside, because she really likes to watch the birds. Mama and Daddy get to supply the bird seed. We're also giving her an ornament for the Christmas tree - this is a tradition with us.

In the past we've spoiled her with board books, music CDs of various types, simple dolls (no lights, sounds, bells, or whistles), and musical instruments such as a nice-sounding "rain stick" and a sturdy glockenspiel that actually plays in tune (I found it on Amazon after reading the buyer reviews).

Stuffed animals are fun and easy, and you could try the crayons that can be used in the bathtub if she doesn't put everything in her mouth any more. Although I like to patronize local stores, toy searches are much more productive online, especially on Amazon.

Hope this helps. Have fun!

(P.S. As was already mentioned, she'll like the boxes as much as the presents!)



answers from Houston on

just some ideas:
my first purse
Parents Animal Hospital
Parents drum set
Pound a Ball
Stockmar Beeswax Block Crayons (non toxic and easy to grab/use)



answers from Killeen on

It seemed at that age you can never go wrong with bath toys.



answers from Los Angeles on

My neighbor's 18 month old daughter LOVES her LeapFrog learning/music table.

What I've usually done is gone onto and did a search under toys for my kid's age group. I get lots of great ideas that way and I can search under what they enjoy best like imaginary play for instance.

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