Birthdays: Tween

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11 Year Old B-day Gift

My daughter is turning 11 in 10 days. She wants a swim/sleepover party and has invited 11 friends (don't know yet how many will make it, most likely most will). I estimate I will spend $150 on the party (food, goodies, decorations, etc). After she decided on the party, but before we sent invitations, she said she wanted an I-touch for her birthday. I said she couldn't have such an expensive gift AND a big party. If she wanted an expensive gift, she could have just a couple of friends for a sleepover. She decided she'd rather have the...

Birthday Party Preparation

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10 Year Old Girl's B-day Ideas

Hello, I have a 9 year old daughter turning 10 in May and we are looking for some B-Day party ideas. This birthday seems to be a little more special for her and she is already wanting to plan it. She is looking for something different than skating, putt-putt or bowling. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. We are in the Mid Cities area.

Gift Ideas

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13 Year Old Boy GIFT Idea?????

Hello Moms! I need your help. My only child is a 4 year old girl and I need a really cool gift for a 13 year old boy (my nephew). He LOVES skateboarding and playing electronic games like: WII, GameCube & DS. He also loves to read and listen to Christian alt. rock music (example of groups: Skillet & Disciple). He lives in Pittsburgh and is coming to visit us for Christmas. And, we're on a very tight budget this year, so we need to keep his gift to around $20 - $35 max. Please share any and all ideas. I have no idea what is...