What Do You Do on YOUR B-day?

Updated on December 16, 2010
B.B. asks from New Haven, CT
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My birthday is coming up. I work FT from home and we have a babysitter come in M-F, so she will be here on my b-day. Both my hubby and I took the day off. He keeps asking me what I want to do. I am at a complete loss. I have complained in the past that I am bored and we don't really do much anymore since we had the kiddos, now I have this great opportunity of a whole day alone with hubby and I can't think of what to do! FYI - I live in the NE and it is very cold out now, so outside adventures won't work.

Any suggestions? I was thinking maybe the movies or something. IDK

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answers from Kansas City on

If you have the budget for it: a mani/pedi/facial, a spa day, or even a couples massage all sound good to me!

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answers from Boston on

IF it were Me - I would have him take me out for a Nice Romantic lunch, A place we wouldn't 'normally' go to - with lots of wine - and then have him sit in and entertain me in the nail salon while I get a Spa pedicure :-)

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answers from Seattle on

My birthday is spent at a hotel in town with the hubby! We check in as early as possible...buy goodies for the fridge and some adult refreshments...go see a movie, get great take-out or room service if possible, utilize their hot tub or jacuzzi tub, stay up late talking like kids, play with each other :) and then SLEEP IN till check out time the next day!

Oh, I can't wait till June....!

*If you go to Priceline or Cheaprooms.com you can find GREAT deals....when we use Priceline we always check the 3 stars or greater and name our price at $65 and have ALWAYS gotten a great room for no more than $90 after taxes...which is pretty darn good in my area...and most areas for that matter!

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answers from Cleveland on

What I do on my b-day? as little work as possible.

Any museums you guys might want to see without kids along? a nice lunch sounds good...a concert? you could get a motel room for the afternoon and enjoy uninterrupted sex.

You could do a little bit of outdoor adventures if the weather is not horrible--cross country ski? ice skate? maybe followed up by hot chocolate or lunch? maybe just a walk on a bike trail....take outdoor photos?

You are within reasonable commuting distance from NYC, there is a ton of stuff to do there if you don't mind a bit of a trip. Go to Zabar's or the top of the Empire State Bldg. (if that is still allowed, post-9/11), visit the Statue of Liberty or Ellis Island, matinee show (if they have matinees, don't know), shop....

BTW, I too would like to know what you do full time from home, if you could PM me, many thanks!

And Happy Birthday!

K. Z.

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answers from New York on

I love bowling, museums, art galleries, window shopping, movies, hotels with hot tubs, pools, and sauna's, spa day for two, special lunch at a fine dining restaurante. We also love places that cook the food right before your eyes, Hibatchi is wonderful and when they know it's your birthday, they really entertain you.

What are some things you like to do?

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answers from Jamestown on

I like XINE's answer! Except the "lots of wine" part....er, maybe a little wine. but also some fooling around you and your Dh make make it a little more fun too. That's what my Dh and I did when we had some time with no kids. Makes it fun!

Or sometimes going shopping with no kids is nice too. But mostly just enjoying you and your husband time together with uninterrupted time.

Happy Birthday!

oh, and could you pm me what you do FT from home? I'm curious. =)

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answers from Spokane on

For my last birthday, my hubby and I went shopping to a larger city and just walked the mall for hours holding hands. We had dinner at a restaurant withOUT crayons at the table!! I don't even think we bought anything, just chatted, people watched and didn't have to go to the bathroom every 20 mins :)

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answers from New York on

My husband took last monday off so that he and i could hang around. We took the kids to school, came back and were at loss as to what we were supposed to do. we kept asking each other what do you want to do. ended up doing grocery shopping, costco and came home and relaxed. i think we ended up doing nothing fun because the anticipation of being alone all day wow we ended up doing nothing.
BUT it's your birthday so plan something simple so that you enjoy yourself. go shopping with him. or to a coffee place or just take some time to yourself and go do your nails.
by the way i would never suggest a nature walk :) i am cold too



answers from New York on

Why don't you spend the day in NYC? So many things to do this time of year - just walking around looking at the store windows, Rockefeller Center to see the tree, Times Square, Central Park, etc. is so much fun! And a nice lunch or dinner out too. Whatever you do, have fun, and happy birthday ")



answers from Las Vegas on

do you and your hubby like massages? that might be fun.. book a massage... after working ft and watching children, your body might thank you :) so maybe a massage at some place and then dinner out.. ahhhhhh sounds nice just writing about it...
Ah, calgon, take me away.............



answers from New York on

See if you can get the sitter to spend the night and make reservations at a B&B/spa. Go the night before and then wake up to a nice brunch and spa treatments before heading back to the chaos!

You could also go out for a really nice lunch and then see a show or a movie. When the rare occassion pops up that we have a day to ourselves, we go for a couples massage and then to lunch. It's so relaxing and it gives us a chance to have some quiet time & some "us" time at the same time!

Your budget would sort of predict the activities, but enjoy having a day together!


answers from Los Angeles on

I'm a sucker for spas and massages.

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