My 9 Year Olds B-day

Updated on July 19, 2010
L.S. asks from Mercer Island, WA
5 answers

my daughter is turning 10 years old i want to make it extra speical without using a bunch of money?

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So What Happened?

my daughter told me that it was the time when she turns 10 the first doublediget so i want to make her feel speical turning 10

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answers from New York on

Young ladies that age in my area LOVE LOVE LOVE spa parties. Have her closest friends over and give them "facials" & do their nails (mani & pedi), you can even curl or style their hair as they watch their favorite movie or TV shows. When that's all done, they can dance to their favorite music and do freeze dance or do their own version of American Idol---each sings and others"judge"--more like Paula and less like Simon LOL!! Take plenty of pictures. Give out mini photo albums from the dollar store and print out photos and sent them in a thank you card to the guests. You can get the facial scrubs/lotion and nail polish from the dollar store as well. We did this 2 yrs ago for one of my kids 9th birthday (girls wore PJs but it was not a sleepover--just "girls night") and they still were talking about how it was so much fun when they got back to school in September! Good Luck!



answers from Seattle on

Try checking your local Dollar Tree or Dollar Store. They usually have great party ideas. :D



answers from Denver on

see if operates in your area if you want to do an outside-the-house party

is there some special privilege you can bestow upon her for turning 10?? Little later bedtime on weekends? certain movie she hasn't been allowed to watch??

also, cupcakes are super fun. If you have a sam's club, or costco their cupcakes a tasty and are "customized" for free and tend to run (around here, anyway) $11 for 30.

You can do a themed sleep over- have her favorite movies playing, make pop corn and whatever her favorite meal is for dinner (or pizza delivery)...

You can get really inexpensive decorations at a local party supply store-
It would be easier to pop in some ideas if there was a bit more info about your little one-

Best luck!



answers from Seattle on

My friends always celebrated their daughters' 10th birthdays with a photo montage that was created and hung in their family room. I did this for my 3 kids as well. Find a photo from each year up until this birthday and present it to her, finding that special place to hang it in your family room, living room, hall way. Then take the time to make the time to spend that one day doing what she wants to do with you. It's not a big party, but a Mom and Daughter day. When my kids turned 10, that spring I took them for a trip to DC, where it was all about them, not sharing me with their siblings (Dad had them for the week.) So you can make the day as spendy or not as you want, but it's all about her and you.

Congratulations on the double digit day!!!



answers from Seattle on

don't know if want to have a party for her - but you could avoid spending a lot of money by doing a girls thing with her (or with her and her best friend) - suggestions include a mani/pedi, dinner out, a free outdoor movie (they have them all over the seattle area, we went to one in Bellevue last week and it was really fun - every Tues. in Bellevue - they even have free popcorn and drinks! could bring a big picnic for before - the movies don't start until 9:30 or so)...Happy Birthday!



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