B-day for 2 Year Old

Updated on February 18, 2010
A.M. asks from Fresno, CA
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My son is going to be 2 soon what are some good party ides or places to take him or have it at?

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answers from Stockton on

I just had a train party for my 2 year old boy. I printed a ton of train photo's and posted them around the house. I got conductor hats, train whistles and lollipops as favors and dressed him up as the main conductor and we played train all day. Oh and a train cake.
I also ordered a train puzzle from Oriental Trading company and the idea was to have all the kids paint or color a piece and I was going to make it into a border for his room, but we didn't end up doing it. I still have it and think I'll have him and his older brother do it instead.

good luck

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answers from Chicago on

by all means have the party!!! if you have it at home make it buffet style which was great for me because the family was able to indulge as they saw fit and i was able to enjoy family, the celebration, and more importantly my energizer 2yr old!(smile)
i personally like it at home because my baby is familiar with home, family can mingle, and no one gets lost in the crowds/other gatherings at "places".
i would take him to a 'place' if you really feel the need to as a one on one,daddy,mom &baby&siblings kinda thing. because as a 'mom/host' you won't have the pressures of trying to manage 'everything' as we usually do.
remember make it simple and it will be great and be good to yourself during the process and you'll see it will be a great 2yr b-day celebration. the baby is 2 so he'll be happy/excited no matter what/where/whom is there. happy bday baby!!! and i hope i was helpful.

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answers from San Francisco on

Gymboree Play and Music does birthday parties for 2 year old. Prices and options will differ by location but you can look at the website which is www.gymboreeclasses.com. In our sites (Lafayette, Oakland and El Cerrito) are available days for parties are weekend afternoons and Friday afternoons.

If you have any questions, feel free to email me at [email protected]____.com luck in whatever you decide to do.

J. F.

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answers from San Francisco on

We had my sons 2nd Bday at a local park, with a grassy field and playground, We brought soccer balls, a kite, Hotwheel cars and easy picnic snack food and cup cakes, The mess stays at the park and the kids can safely run around, the parents also liked playing frizbee and soccer too. If the weather is not nice enough to be outside we went to a fun gymnastics party, the parents rented out a tumbling class with the teacher there to help with the kids- everyone got to tumble and jump in a safe space

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answers from San Francisco on

Bay Area Discovery Museum is a great place. They have 2 party rooms that you can rent out depending on the size of your party. They have different play areas for different ages.

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answers from Indianapolis on

Our daughter will be 2 in March. We skipped a party for our son's second because I was in the process of being diagnosed with cancer. But, our neighbors rallied and had an impromptu cake (and margaritas to celebrate my birthday) in the cul-de-sac.

2 year olds are still learning to play together and don't necessarily do well with organized activities.

Since you're in a beautiful part of the country, perhaps renting a shelter at a park and letting the kids enjoy things like the equipment, bubbles, etc. would be good.

In our case, it will be a few friends with kids similarly aged, their parents, a low-key meal and some play time. We found with our son that the 3rd/4th birthdays are really when they begin to "get it"

Good luck!

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answers from San Francisco on

If you have the room, have it at your house or a relative or friend's house. Rent a bounce house. There you go. Save the money on the parties, while you can-there will be plenty of years when the party will be more fun outside the home...when the kids are older.
This is what all of my friend's & I do-we all have kids under 4 & it is always fun & the adults can still mingle w.out chasing their kids around an amusement type park or place.

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answers from Fresno on

When our kids were that age, we realized that even a kid who's outgoing tends to get overwhelmed if you plan a big, over-the-top extravaganza. We found that the birthday child was always happier if we kept it to close family, and did some kind of activity (such as going to the beach, or going to the zoo) where she wasn't the center of attention the whole time. Our birthday parties up until about age 5 resembled small family get-togethers where the dessert just happened to be a cake with candles in it!

Once you hit about age 5, you can start planning some really fun stuff, and they've made friends and have more of an opinion about what kinds of parties they like (and they tend not to melt down in the middle of the party =).

Happy birthday to your little boy!

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