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Seeking Boys' Birthday Party Ideas for November B-day

I'm planning my two sons' (turning 8 & 6) birthday party mid-November. Does anyone have any ideas that are _not expensive_? We have a very small home so we have to "outsource". We've done Chuck E Cheese (ugh!) and Frying Pan Park in the past. I prefer to find something outdoors but need to take unpredictable, and possibly cold, weather into consideration. Frying Pan was great because we were able to be both indoors and out. Thanks!


B- Day Cakes

Hi Moms, I am looking for a bakery that makes cakes of dinosaurs or...

Birthday Party Preparation

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What to Do for 2Nd B-day?

Hello, MOms, My son will be turning two in February and I do not know what to do. He loves balls - any and all. He lies the monkey from Curious George and Jungle Book. I would like to do something with balls but I can't think of anything for his age. His firth b-day was Happy Feet which was a bug hit! Any suggestions would be great on some kind og ball themed 2nd year b-day party. Thanks!


Daughters 2Nd B-day

Hi Moms, I'm starting to think about where & what to do for my daughters...


5Th Girl B-day Party

Does anyone have any ideas for a 5 yr old b-day party, on a conservative...

Gift Ideas

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Gift Ideas for a 5 Year Old Girl

Two weeks ago my family moved to a new state. We have only had a chance to meet a couple of our neighbors. One of which invited us to her 5 year old daughter's birthday this coming weekend. She thought it would be a great chance for us to meet the other neighbors. The birthday is a come and go as you please party in their yard. They will also be inviting other neighbors from the surrounding few blocks. I also think this is a great opportunity to become part of our new neighborhood. I have only one child, a 22 month old son, so I have...