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Updated on December 06, 2010
M.D. asks from Pittsburgh, PA
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Hello All,

My DH has been after me for idea's of what I want for Christmas. I have no idea! We are on a tight budget this year so things I would really love are out of the question. My husband is not crafty nor would he even try to "make" anything. I have seen ideas for coupon books but my husband is too sarcastic for things like that. :) I just don't know what ides to give him. I told him we could just skip it this year or wait until later in the year when the budget is better. He insists on getting me something and I just don't know what to tell him. Do you have any idea's for me. I am a stay at home mom, rarely spend on myself (my spending is on the kids) and have the things I need. Please help, need ideas.
Thanks in Advance

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So What Happened?

Thank you all for your suggestions and good ideas. As it turns out, today while we were browsing in the mall, the item that I did want but was too expensive was on an incredible sale 65% off. Needless to say my DH snatched it up before I could say a word. :) I appreciate all the time and thought you all put into your responses.

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answers from Rochester on

I usually am happy to get nothing, but my husband loves to give and receive gifts, and his parents usually ask us for a "list." I would be happy with things for the house, but he likes "gifts" and says those are "needs." :)

Last year I treated myself to my FIRST magazine subscription since my high school National Geographic one. If you don't have one, look at some home magazines or women's or health magazines you like. I know a lot of the websites have the same information, but I look forward to soaking in the tub once a month with my new issue of Shape, and it is less than $15 for a year.

You could ask for some books that he could find at a used book store. Some of them are in perfect shape and a lot cheaper, or he could find them on ebay. I've gotten my husband antique copies of something he wanted much cheaper than new, so it was what he wanted, cheap, and unique.

If you have a favorite smell or flavor, ask for a few candles or a flavored coffee. I usually buy coffee anyway but don't always buy a yummy one.

If there is a convenience item, like a permanent coffee filter, nicer cheese grater or veggie peeler, or something like that you would like, ask for it. I have been looking on ebay for a lot of things this year just because you can find good deals on new or gently used things, so nudge him that way if he wants to get you something a little pricier.

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answers from Santa Fe on

Night off from the kids, so that you can go out with a friend, or stay in and do something you enjoy, without interruptions? (Read a book, take a bath, take time to do nails... )
(Can you tell I have 2 kids under the age of 5?)

Gifts of time mean more to me than presents - although my request at holidays and birthdays from my DH is a sappy card. :) Something he writes in it. Other than that, he is off the hook for a gift. :)

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answers from Detroit on

manicure, magazine subscription, crossword or some other type of puzzle magazine,smelly lotions, bubble bath, foot soaking stuff,photo frames, cd's, favorite movie, journal,fuzzy socks pjs,robe,

good luck, let us know what you decide to tell him

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answers from Pittsburgh on

Have him give you the 'gift' of time to yourself if he doesn't give you it already. As a SAHM of little kids the best thing for me was to have the house to myself for the whole day. Or if you would rather-let them stay at home and you just go out and do anything that you like that day. Maybe he can give you a certificate for a spa service so he has something physical to give you to make your day nice(they don't have to be expensive-you can get a mani/pedi for $35 at some salons.)

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answers from Williamsport on

You sound like me! I never want anything. The budget is always tight. I seriously love watching other people get stuff, but for the last few years the hubs and I have had a no gifts pact. This only works for us because we seriously don't want any gifts and don't secretly resent not getting anything after.
However, sometimes, like this year, I really do pick a specific cheap thing and act super happy about it. One year it was a splurgy cappuccino type coffee from the drive thru since I usually get plain coffee or take it from home (that was my 40th birthday present too :) No, we're not so poor that we can't ever get nice coffees from the drive thru, but we're just not big on gifts. This year, we stopped at Starbucks in Target before he left for a few weeks and I saw this killer ceramic car coffee mug. $11. I declared it was the present I wanted this year. He said he would come back for it, but since he's getting back a few days before Christmas and it may be gone I made him buy it then and there. He said he would hide it until Christmas but I found it in the cupboard and I'm using it. YAY! He's getting some slippers form a local guy who makes them because ever since he bought me mine 2 years ago he's wished he had some.
Pick something specific and cheap and show him your joy and thankfulness!

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answers from Dallas on

books! Any new book you are interested in reading? Or maybe a movie that you two would enjoy watching together? My husband bought me some nice jammies last year. Do you like bath stuff? bath salts and stuff? (I'm trying to think of things under $30 that I would like too!) Any hobbies that you have? Knitting? he can get you some yarn, Art? he can get some supplies. Scrap booking? paper is always fun!
hope that helped!

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answers from Pittsburgh on

New pajamas, nightgown, socks, gloves, ear muffs, fleece hoodie, trouser socks, flat iron, underwear, athletic shoes, jeans, sweater, blow dryer, perfume, shower gel, lotion, gift card for a haircut/color, new handbag, tote for your trunk, car air fresheners, travel mug, Starbucks card, mall gift certificate, hat, scarf, new silver hoops, boots, shoe store gift you can tell, I'm the practical sort and I can name about 50 things I could use at any time! lol

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answers from Erie on

I think it depends on whether you want to go the "find a reason to pamper us" route or the "stick with practical gifts" route...

If you want to use the holidays as an excuse to pamper yourselves, what about tickets to a local concert? We are lucky to have a college in the area that brings in good quality musicians for very reasonable ticket prices. When we get really good deals on the tickets, we dress up and go to an intimate (but not too $$$) restaurant for dinner before the show. Even less pricey is to eat dinner at home but hit a yummy place for dessert as a special splurge.

If you would prefer to stick with practical ideas, I've asked for things like Pilates DVDs, new flannel sheets for our bed (borderline pampering, I'll admit), rainboots, and salad bowls. Most recently, I found an organizer for our car to keep coupons, snacks, water bottle, etc. in one place and easy to grab if I have to swap cars. Yes, some of these were things that I would probably have gone out and bought eventually, but some were things that had real useful value but I couldn't bring myself to buy for myself ;)

As an aside, I recently started an Amazon wish list so that I have a place to remember ideas that I have throughout the year (when I see something in a magazine or online that I might like to have or when I think of something that would make my life easier). It is a public wish list so others can see it, but I've only told people (like my mom) who asked me for ideas. This way I don't take away from people who really enjoy buying gifts for me, but I don't get as stressed trying to think of ideas off the top of my head at crunch time...

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answers from Boston on

I don't know what "tight budget" means, but I know very few women who wouldn't like jewelry. Sure, you might not be able to afford diamonds, he could probably get you something nice/fun/different/funky/useable for $20-50. Some of my "go-to" everyday earrings were around $15.

Alternately, suggest some stores for him to check out and poke around. Like an artists shop or something. Or a bookstore.

Finally, don't feel guilty about him spending $ on you. You deserve gifts too. Enjoy that you have a husband that wants to show you that.

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answers from Philadelphia on

I think that is nice that he wants to make sure you get a present. Is there a book you want a cd or a movie? These are all things that are under $20. May be a gift card to go to the movies with him and arranging for a babysitter for the kids. May be a date night with the husband and send them overnight to the Grandparents or other relatives. You could then have some time to yourselves with out the kids around. A full body massage from your husband. Not everything has to cost money. Good luck and don't stress,life is too short. Happy holidays.

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answers from Washington DC on

Then, ask him what money cannot buy.
An afternoon with you
Time for yourself
A picnic with all the family for next spring
A loving foot/back massage...

Once, my husband came back home with a (recycled) jewel box and inside was just and hand-written piece of paper with "this coupon is valid for 100 kisses". Who needs a better gift?

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answers from Honolulu on

For me... I like things that I need... but don't want to buy... myself. And those are the things I sacrifice and don't get... in lieu of getting my kids what they need.

So... things like Gift certificates.... for hair-salon, pedicure, face cleanser products, nice soaps, nail polish. shoes, for the mall, book store, local hardware store, flowers, clothes.

all the best,

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answers from San Francisco on

I love comfort items, maybe you do too? Like:

soft, silky pj's
cuddly blankets
comfy slippers
certificate for massage
certificate for spa/facial
gifts from the heart--have him write you a love poem, get creative and tell you the things he loves about you
one-on-one time with him uninterrupted.
dinner for the two of you by candlelight
overnight trip to a place you have been wanting to go....
A fav. cd or dvd, book, journal etc.

Hope this helps----I just love gifts that come from the heart-homemade gifts are the best to me.

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answers from Dallas on

i would tell him that you want an afternoon to do whatever you want, for me as a sahm time alone is rare & i would love an afternoon to go out & get a coffee & a new book or even for him to take the kids out so i could have a bubbly bath & a glass of wine without being interrupted!

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answers from Tulsa on

warm sockies you are in a cold area and I loved them and they were $2 a pair



answers from York on

How about a dinner out with your husband? Or a manicure or pedicure? An inexpensive piece of jewelry (from Target, Walmart, etc.) Gift card to a bookstore, coffee shop, or for a hobby you have. Be thankful your hubby is so thoughtful : )


answers from Dover on

Ask for a gift certificate to where you get your hair cut or for a manicure, pedicure, and/or massage.

Pick out a sweater or two.


answers from Los Angeles on

A book of coupons.
One per month, or perhaps more.
Each one good for one or more of:
- a full body massage
- a weekend day OFF; he handles all the kids + household stuff
- vacuuming
Good luck.



answers from Washington DC on

I love having nice PJ's , maybe a new pair? New wallet/handbag , gift certificate for a mani or pedi , make up , a bottle of perfume.

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