Hubby's B-day Is Tomorrow and I'm Clueless

Updated on September 17, 2010
B.C. asks from Arlington, TX
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I'm at a loss here ladies. I'm trying to get his weedeater fixed since he doesn't have time to do it himself and I was thinking about trying to mow the lawn (which I have never done in my LIFE!), and then for dinner we are having his sister babysit so that we can go to Red Lobster. Other than that, I"m clueless. If I can't get the weedeater fixed and get screwed on the mowing thing, I'll be empty handed. Of course there's birthday relations, but I really want to do something nice for him. Help!

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answers from Pittsburgh on

Awww....dinner will be nice add a nice card and maybe a gift card to somewhere he likes for coffee, golf, whatever he's into. And we ALL know what men REALLY want for their birthdays! ;-) Have a great night!

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answers from Washington DC on

Instead of trying to get the weed eater fixed, why not just take it to Lowe's or Home Depot and get a new one... if its in the budget! If not, maybe a gift card to Home Depot or Lowe's.

As for cutting the lawn, I'd probably not. Guys are VERY particular about their lawns.

As for going to Red Lobster, did you know that you can call ahead and arrange a cake to be made/delivered to the table?

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answers from Dallas on

It's sweet that you want to DO something rather than BUY something. But If that doesn't work out, and budget is a concern (isn't is always) you could go to Ross or Marshalls, or TJ Maxx and buy him a nice shirt to wear to dinner for under $20. Or get something you can take and give him at dinner. They have nice boxed wallets for under $15. Gift bag from the dollar store and you're a hero.

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answers from Dallas on

I like your post. Your mowing the lawn idea was a great thought, but also funny. I also have never mowed the lawn in my life, and my advice to you is NOT to even try! That is so sweet to want to do that (you are a better person than I am!), but I say stay away from that. I love how you are going out to dinner. And don't worry about the weedeater! I think dinner and sex is great! What more can a guy want but good food and good sex?? You said you want to do something nice for him. Well, sex is nice! Buy or make him a card and write something sweet in it. Also, what about breakfast in bed? That is nice. Good luck.



answers from Boise on

How about a walk downtown, or in a park, a place that has nice desserts and wine after dinner?


answers from Austin on

Can you call someone to mow the lawn? There is a guy in our neighborhood who will mow and edge for $35.

Red Lobster is good, how about going to your local
"quiet spot" play some tunes on the radio and make out like you used to when you were younger?



answers from Chicago on

Buy a little nightie for you! He'll LOVE that. Esp if it's something "outside" of what you already have. Or go somewhere fun like Lovers Lane and get something new. Add a little spice.

I know we all NEED practical gifts. And the sitter and dinner are very nice too. But how would you feel if he got your dishwasher repaired for you? I know it's great to have a working dishwasher, but as birthday present? I bet you'd appreciate it, but we're talking excited.

Otherwise if you want a "gift" idea, how about some new DVDs, or something like a Wii console and games? You can even just do something simple and short term like a 3mo NetFlix subscription.

That's my 2 cents. I hope it helps you.



answers from Sacramento on

Tickets to a sporting event or concert? Check your paper to see what's coming up. Gift card for a favorite store? Think of what he'd really get excited about. You still have time. Also think about a movie after dinner. Anything out he'd like to see?



answers from Washington DC on

My husband and I dont always do gifts for each other...just getting out without the kids is special for us!! But does he have a hobby? Maybe something related to that. Does he need more clothes? Shoes? Books? Computer stuff? Is there another chore he does all the time that you go do for him? Really, just be super nice to him and love him - we're grown ups so as long as I have a happy day, I'm good!!



answers from Phoenix on

Surprise him with new lingerie and light candles in your bedroom and you know the rest... =)



answers from Philadelphia on

My husband b day is tomorrow also. He will be 44 yrs old. I am taking the kids out so he can sleep late. Then I am going to make him breakfast in bed.



answers from Chicago on

Mowing the lawn is very similar to vacuuming just go in straight lines. If you don't think you can do it see if you can get a neighbor kid to do it. For the weed eater I would call Sears if its a Craftsman.

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