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Goody Bags

S.S. asks from Chicago

When do you stop with the goody bags after a birthday party?? My daughter is having her 10th birthday party at a pizza place and is inviting 12 girls (yikes!) and I ...


Party Favors

K.J. asks from Washington DC

My daughter will be 8 years old this weekend. We are having her party at an indoor pool. I was not going to do party favors because it becomes so expensive and I am p...


Goody Bags or Not??

M.F. asks from Dallas

I'm planning on having a party for my daughter who will be turning 3 at Pump It Up and need some advice about goody bags. Is it really necessary to give goody bags a...


Party Favors

C.G. asks from Austin

Hi Mamas, I am brainstorming for good ideas for party favors for a toddler's b-day party. Anyone have any good suggestions? I am trying to avoid purchasing the pa...


Party Favors

M.G. asks from Chicago

I'm looking for some ideas for Party Favors. My son will be 5 and my daughter will be 3. I'm having their party together at Bouncetown and I'm looking for some idea...


Goody Bags

E.W. asks from Dallas

Does anyone know of a place where I can find pre-made goody bags for a birthday party? My daughters are having their parties on the same day, same place....30 minute...


Goody Bag

C.W. asks from New York

I would like some ideas of what to put in my daughters 5 year old birthday party goody bag. I do not want to load it with junk. I would like to give something every ...


Party Favors

J.C. asks from Columbus

I have to ask... what do you Mom's think about party favors? Are they necessary for birthdays, baby showers, etc? I'm have never been really big on party favors for m...


Party Favors

P. asks from Chicago

I am looking for some ideas for party favors for an end of the year picnic. This event if for a womens group (families will be there as well) and the theme is All Sta...


Goody Bags

L.V. asks from Albuquerque

Hi all! I'm trying to think of some great, unique alternatives to the standard goody bags that are passed out at birthday parties. My son is turning 5 - there rea...