Recommendations for Baby's 1St B-day

Updated on July 14, 2010
C.R. asks from Fort Worth, TX
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I have a huge family, not to mention my husbands, and all of our friends from church. Im looking not to spend to much on my daughters first birthday, and looking to cut the invite list in half. The only problem is I dont want to hurt anyones feelings that does not get an invitation. Any recommendations? My mother has already told me that if I invite aunt Suzy I have to invite her children......and they have children as well.....get the picture? That is just to many people. For my son (who is 3), every year we have had to have 2 separate parties, one for his family and friends and one for my family, and it can be very costly and Im just tired of doing that. I thought about just inviting people that have little ones my daughters age.........but how do you do that and not hurt feelings. We havent even sent out invitations and some of our friends (who dont even have children) have mentioned coming to her 1st b-day and have even bought gifts already!


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answers from Pittsburgh on

Park, pizza, soda and cake! The more the merrier! Don't forget the smash cake and I'd keep it pretty short and sweet, say 3 hrs. tops.

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answers from Indianapolis on

Go to a park.........there's plenty of room there, and all you need to buy is decorations and a couple of cakes and some plates/tablecloths................tell everyone to bring their own drinks and make it after lunch so they will eat before they come. You hopefully can get a shelter.......

Plus if you can get a shelter near the playground, then the adults can sit and talk and keep an eye on the kids, or have the older kids watch them over at the playground.

We have a big family too and this has worked out well for us.........I usually get a cake that is white and one that is marble to satisfy everyone.

Good Luck and take care.

PS. you could also use an apartment party building especially if they have a pool that can be used too.......

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answers from Dallas on

For my oldest son who is now 9 we did all of our family who live near us and friends for his 1st birthday. It was quite overwhelming. With my next 2 children I did just our immediate family, grandparents and our siblings (if they were able to come - they both live about 4 hours away so do my parents). It was much better for that age child. You can always tell your friends and family that you are doing a very small party. Some may still decide to give your child a gift. I know I have given gifts to friends' children when they only had a family party. Since my children have gotten older and wanted parties with friends - the party has been our gift to them. We still get them something very small and usually it is from their siblings.



answers from Dallas on

i understand completly where you are coming from! in the past we have had family only for the kids birthdays until they turn 3. (only immediate family! siblings, their kids and grandparents). Then once they are three we have a big party with family and friends invited. we had it at the park with no food but cake and ice cream and i still spent over $100 just on the party. it was a big stress for me and i didn't even enjoy having all of my family and friends together. My plan next year is to invite all the family out to a resturant (dutch) and have a family meal for the birthday child. THen have a small party only inviting 3 or so of my daughters friends. (she will be 5). when my youngest daughter turned 2 i had some friends comment on how they were not invited to the party and i said it was family only. They still bought her a gift! be tough and do what is right for your family and don't worry about what other people think.


answers from Medford on

at that age, unfortunately it seems more about the family/friends than the birthday girl. We have 25 people in our immediate family (brothers, sisters, parents, in-laws, 8 other kids), not including my brother and his 2 daughters who live out of town. We wanted to keep my husbands birthday small this year and it still turned into 40 people!
Anyway, to spare feelings, you either have to have Immediate family only party or everyone is invited party. But, either way, you have to get past feeling guilty about not inviting someone (i am not sure how to accomplish this but if you figure it out let me know:)).
If you choice to do the everyone party, see if you can have it at the church and make it potluck. have it at a time that is NOT around a meal. Make a huge snack bowl for the kids to munch on (we love doing animal crackers, raisins, pretsels and marshmellows, its only around $10.00 and enough for 20+ kids)! have punch instead of juice boxes and DON'T cator to the adults. I mean don't buy soda or veggie trays or meat and cheese. They are there for a kids party and they can eat party food (inless you want a veggie tray yourself then get one).
As for decorations: get a few of the "themed" ones that you really want then fill in with coordinating colors. that will save a ton! Go to the dollar store for crafts or other inexpensive toys for the kids. We also get favors for the kids there instead of goodie bags. Goodie bags are a waste! They have more fun with a kite, or bubbles, or water soakers , and you spend a lot less. A kite for each kid cost a $1 each, whereas goodie bags can run upwards of $4-5 each!
If you want more cost-cutting ideas let me know. We are the "P-A-R-T-Y" throwers in the family and they wouldnt believe how little we spend!



answers from Chicago on

I have a HUGE family (family alone is over 50 people, not to mention any friends we invite). We do not have a lot money to spend on parties, so we held a pot luck for my twins' first birthday. We asked guests to bring a dish to pass, and we provided the meat and a salad. My family and friends were more than happy to help. After all, I think most people get how costly a party can be. I didn't expect presents, too, but people brought some anyway. It turned out great, and we didn't have to exclude anyone from the guest list.



answers from Chicago on

If the birthday is during warm weather- rent a picnic shelter at a local park (this is usually pretty inexpensive) and throw a giant summer potluck picnic/birthday party! If everyone brings something, it won't be expensive for anyone. Say that gifts for the baby ( who won't know if she is getting more or less anyway) are optional and that because you really just wanted all of your loved ones, family and friends to be there to celebrate, you hope everyone will join into the old-fashioned spirit of the thing!

I would never be offended by something like this and remember, it is all about being together and celebrating your baby turning one- not about how fancy a party it is or who pays for what! You could always spring for burgers and hot dogs or something and a birthday cake and ask for people to bring sides, drinks and desserts.

You could rent a moonbounce for the kids or get a bunch of cheap squirt guns for them to play with while the adults talk and visit. Or have sack races or things like that- think old-fashioned, good time fun!

Just remember, if anyone is offended by something like that, or being asked to bring a dish of baked beans- just where are THEIR priorities? The people who love you and understand that you can't spend a fortune on this will come and have a great time. Those who don't - they will just be missing out!

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