Baby Shower: Steroids

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Had Success in Treating Ezcema Without Steroids?

M.L. asks from San Francisco

My baby is 7 mo old now and he has had ezcema for two months now. It has gotten progressively worst. I was able to manage it with eliminating foods he is alergic to f...


Eucalyptus Oil in Shower? - for Baby with CROUP

J.N. asks from San Francisco

Hi Moms - My 10 month old has Croup right now (the seal barking cough). I've already called Dr for advice and I'm doing all the at home stuff - Walks in the cold ...


Real Mommy Tips/tricks/secrets for 1St Time Mom's Shower Gift

K.K. asks from Detroit

Hello all! I am putting together a book for a good friend who will be a first time mommy in August. If anyone has some good tips/tricks/secrets to share it would be...


Baby Ecezma

M.H. asks from Pocatello

I have a four month old that has baby ecezma on the face, I've tried the baby ecezma cream, it helped a little bit, then it got worse, I have switch her formula which...


Baby Eczema

A.M. asks from Orlando

I am having the worst time with my son's Eczema. His face always has dry patches and he scratches at it. I have tried EVERYTHING! Does anyone know of something tha...


Baby Oil Causing a Rash

C.C. asks from Pueblo

Hi all, Monday night when my two oldest daughters, 7yrs and 5yrs, took their shower they put Baby Oil in their hair, alot of it. Since they went to bed right after we...


Anyone's Baby on Prednisolone

J.Z. asks from New York

Hi all! My little man has been wheezing and has an upper respitory infection. The Dr just prescribed Prednisolone for the next 3 days. I haven't started it yet. Has a...


Sick Baby, Docs Are No Help!

E.J. asks from San Antonio

My 4 1/2 month old baby has been sick with congestion of the nose and now throat for over a month now! I have taken him to 2 different doctors 3 times and he has ano...


Plz Share Your Baby Eczema Story...

K.A. asks from Seattle

I am battling my daughters eczema since 2 months, it's a huge struggle and breaks my heart. Please, if you had a baby with eczema, share your story so I can gain str...



P.K. asks from Dallas

Hi , my son had croup last week and the doctor prescribed steroids to help relax his throat. He took steroids for 4 days and has been off it for 5 days now but does n...