Working while Pregnant: Aveeno

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Acne in Pregnancy...HELP!

S.D. asks from Cleveland

I am pregnant with my second right now, and although I remember having some skin problems with my first, I find that I am really breaking out terribly with this one.....


Eczema Bumps on Back of Head?

A.T. asks from Atlanta

My little one has been battling eczema since he was just a few weeks old, triggered by bathing him with J & J baby wash. Both his pediatrician and dermatologist sugg...


Seeking Information About a Rash During Pregnancy

C.K. asks from Chicago

I am 14 weeks pregnant and I have a rash that started around my belly button and now has spread around my stomach and legs. I went to the doctor and they told me to ...


Preggo Questions....

S.Y. asks from Tampa

Hi moms! I just found out I am 5 wks preggo...very excided!!!!!!! I just wanted to see what some of you thought of a couple of things. First Coffee, I like to drink o...


Mommies over 35 Please Help. What Skin Care Regimen Do You Use?

L.D. asks from Atlanta

Up until I hit 35, I used to have great skin. However when I got pregnant, I had a few outbreaks. I therefore started using Proactive and it was great until... A f...



S.C. asks from New York

My 3 years old son has Eczema, I have been puting a lot of different lotions and non of them seem to work, does anybody has any suggestions? (I used AVENO, Dove, Eucerin)


Pregnancy Itching @ Night ... Can Anyone Help?

L.C. asks from Santa Fe

Hello, I sure would love to get some help with this issue I am having with, itching. This is my sixth pregnancy, and fifth child, and I never had this side effect wi...


Post-baby Acne!!! HELP!

M.H. asks from Dallas

okay i am tired of looking like a thirteen year old...i had acne kind of bad in high school but when i went to college i took better care of myself an got it all work...


Acne Medications?

M.F. asks from Chicago

I'm 27 years old and have been struggling with acne since late high school. I've gone to see dermatologists in the past but all they've given me were creams that see...


Razor Burn, HELP!!

T.R. asks from Kalamazoo

I never got razor burn before, but now I get it all the time. My razor burn issues started when I got pregnant with my son and really bad after I delivered him. The...