Pregnant and Starting a New Job

Updated on July 04, 2011
I.P. asks from Oak Park, IL
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Has anyone had experience starting a new job after discovering she's pregnant?
I'm 5.5 weeks pregnant and just started a new job, this week.
To be fair, I informed my new employer that I was undergoing fertility treatments during the interview process. Since my past is checkered with repeat pregnancy losses, and I'm going on 35 (with no children so far), I simply could not afford to stop treatment and wait a few months.

I realize I will not be eligibile for FMLA and will not be covered by short term disability through my new employer. However, given the fact that I alerted them to the possibility prior to accepting the job, I am hoping they will be understanding when I tell them about the pregnancy.

Would love any tips or advice on the best way to go about it, as I'm truly stressing about the whole situation. Thanks!

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So What Happened?

Thanks everyone. I'm hoping that because I did tell them about the fertility treatments, their response will be supportive once I tell them. Of course, I agree with all of you about not telling them before I complete the first trimester (which I pray and hope will happen, this time around). For now, I'm trying to show my worth without letting them know anything is up. It's not as easy as it sounds since due to my past, I'm considered a high risk pregnancy, so have doc appointments and ultrasounds weekly. Tuesday we are supposed to be able to see/hear the fetal heartbeat. I'm trying to be hopeful and not stress about it.

Thanks everyone!

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Congrats on your pregnancy! First, Relax! Don't talk to your employer about your pregnancy. You are barely in your first trimester and have plenty of time to tell them. Wait to tell them until you are at least out of the 1st trimester and starting the 2nd. The rate of miscarriage goes way down after that-- Enjoy your pregnancy and get into the swing of things at work----Don't stress! Everything will be ok.


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Hey Congratulations! I am very happy for you. I would do a fantastic job for the next 8 weeks and then let them know about the pregnancy. Hopefully, you will be lucky and not be too sick or tired during the first trimester. Even if you are, just try to make it through and do a great job. It is illegal for them to let you go or anything because of the pregnancy. However, I am sure they will be wondering if you are committed to the job. Just build some credibility and build some relationships there and also get into the second trimester before making an announcement. At that point, let them know you are pregnant, you are thrilled, you will continue to do a great job during the rest of your pregnancy and looking forward to coming back.

With your great track record behind you and a can do attitude, they will be fine about it. Good luck!!

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answers from Chicago on

Don't stress & don't say anything till you are at least out of your 1st trimester. Congrats

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answers from Redding on

Congratulations! just relax and not let this be something you worry about.

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answers from San Francisco on

Don't worry, you will be able to work for a long time during your pregnancy. You were honest before hand and there is no need to make any immediate announcements. Wait until you feel comfortable giving the news to anyone and that includes your new employer.

Congratulations mama to be! I wish your and your husband a happy and healthy pregnancy.


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answers from Minneapolis on

I would wait until you are about 12 weeks along and then talk with your HR person, if you have one. They should be able to give you the details about their policies. States vary in what is available, and so do companies.

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answers from Rochester on

Congrats! I started at my current job when I was 10 weeks pregnant. You are eligible for short term disability....or maybe they just made me eligible at my office. I work for a small company that has been very accommodating. I hope that your company shows you the same.

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answers from Chicago on

I went through that a few years back. I was 3 months pregnant when I started my new job. I was laid off of my previous job, and my husband's job was in jeopardy. Anyway, somewhere along 6 months pregnant I informed my boss that I was pregnant. They treated me with dignity. I ended up taking off 10 weeks (unpaid, of course), though they did say I could take up to 12. It worked out well.



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I discovered I was pregnant just as I accepted a new job. I was not planning on children at that time so I knew it would be a surprise to them. I chose to keep it quiet as long as I could so I would have time to prove to them how dedicated I was to my job first. Since you told them about the possibility I'm sure they won't be surprised, but I would wait until you have settled in and shown them just what you bring to the table before letting anyone know. They can't discriminate against you, but I think sometimes there can be a little resentment in that you just started and many people assume having a baby means you won't be back and at the very least that they will have to cover for you for a few months while you are on leave. Just give them a chance to see how great you are first and then let them know you are pregnant and discuss your plans with them.

FYI - I was only at my job for a little over 6 months when I had the baby and I was eligible for FMLA and received short term disability. Each company has it's own rules above and beyond what the government mandates, so make sure you speak to someone in your HR department about your options. Don't just assume you can't get anything.



answers from Portland on

I think you are still eligible for FMLA.



answers from Chicago on

Congratulations on your pregnancy! I agree its smart to see how you feel and wait to share your news unless you suddenly need time for a lot of doctor's appointments and/or get to second trimester when it may become more obvious to all. Before you announce your news, take time to think about your plans - is this a workplace that you plan to return to right away or do you plan to become a stay home mom or take a large block of time off? Many employers like to know if they will need to backfill your position on a temporary or permanent basis as you take your disability absence.
I've had three kids and always waited to share my news.
Mature people understand that you can't wait until you're 60 to start your needs to happen when you are ready and this is something that can't wait :-)
To reduce your stress, also consider taking time for prenatal yoga:-)



answers from Chicago on

My sister was about 3.5 months pregnant when she was looking for and got a new job. Yay for her! Like you, that meant that she would be at the company less than a year by the time she'd be giving birth, so therefore no FMLA guarantees. On top of that, this was her first job since getting into the new industry with a new Assoc Degree, so it's not like she had some stellar work experience that would make it easier to get another job if she needed to.

During the interview and offer process, she did inform them that she was pregnant. They hired her anyway because there's more to her than just being pregnant. In this economy, your company hired you because they wanted YOU. There are plenty of other people looking for jobs that would likely be qualified, but they picked YOU because you met their needs and fit in with their plans better than anyone else!!

My sister ended up taking about 5.5 weeks of leave after giving birth because it was unpaid and she didn't want to give her boss any issues since FMLA didn't apply to protect her job. She had an uncomlicated birth, so that helped her get back on her feet quickly. All is well and she's still employed :) and I get the joy of babysitting her now-5-month old every day!

So for you:
1) tell your boss as soon as you are comfortable with this pregnancy (given your history)--they can't fire you for being pregnant! But that also means you need to have an open and honest dialogue with your can talk about your fears, etc. Let him/her reassure you that they hired you for you! But you need to reassure them that you are committed to them! Everyone needs a warm and fuzzy feeling coming out of this.
2) after that, work with your boss and HR department on a reasonable amount of time that will be acceptable for you to be out on leave--perhaps there is an agreement document of some sort that you all could sign after you come to an agreement that would essentially serve the same purpose of the FMLA job protections. 6 weeks of unpaid leave is the FMLA minimum.
3) CONGRATULATIONS on being pregnant! Try not to stress. No matter what, it will all work out.



answers from Chicago on

When you do tell your employer, do it with the perspective of how your work will be covered while you are out. Describe about how much time you think you will take off from work, what you plan on having completed at that time (if appropriate), how the work would continue while you are out.

That's really what's important to your employer. You are there for the work. What can you do to ensure your responsibilities are covered while you are out? Make that part of it easier for your boss, have a transition plan in place, and have that be the focus of your discussion.

Best wishes!



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It's best to wait until you're in the clear so you have a good 6 weeks until it's safe to share your wonderful news with your employer.
I am 9 weeks pregnant and won't be informing my boss until I'm 12 weeks and this will be my 4th child but my 3rd with this company since I've worked here.
When you make it to the 12 week mark, let them know. I'm sure they'll be happy for you especially since you've shared with them that you were undergoing fertility treatments and trying to conceive a child.
I'm sure they'll likely stick to their policies regarding FMLA but you never know, there is a girl where I work who was a month short of qualifying when she had her son and they gave it to her anyway.
What's the worse that can happen? You loose your job? It could be a blessing in disguise.........You want to work for a place that is family friendly if you're going to be a working mom :)
Congratulations and good luck!


answers from Chicago on

You are correct you will not be eligible for FMLA- believe you have to be there a year. Some big companies will allow you to take leave and keep your job for you anyway though even though you don't have the legal protection... And no ST disability leave means it will be WO pay. Best wishes, many blessings and lots of prayers for you on your new pregnancy!

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