Working while Pregnant: South Beach

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South Beach Diet?

N.D. asks from Chicago

anyone have experience with south beach diet? I really mean Phase 1. I just have a few pounds to lose. I already work out 5-6 days a week am eat sensibly. However I f...


South Beach Diet - Has Anyone Tried It and Successfully Lost Weight?

R.H. asks from Spokane

I still have around 8 pounds of pregnancy weight to lose. It just won't budge!! I'm curious about the South Beach Diet. Is it an easy diet to follow? I would love...


Has Anyone Tried South Beach Diet or Any Diet That Works Well with Out Starving

P.M. asks from Los Angeles

Hi There, I am trying to find a diet program that I have not tried. I have done it all. I don't like counting calories. I don't like eating packaged foods. How is ...


Curves Work for You?

T.M. asks from Dayton

I've once again decided it's time to do something about my weight. I used to be thin and trim without trying, was very active in sports, aerobics, etc. Then kids came...


Getting Pregnant

T.P. asks from New York

Hello to all the mother out here, I have been wanting to be a mother for as long as i could remember its always been one of my dreams is to have as many babies as pos...


Getting Pregnant with PCOS

J.L. asks from Phoenix

I want children so bad it hurts. The problem is I have PCOS and I don't have periods like a woman should. The last time I was pregnant the miscarriage was the doctors...


Need Help for a Diet While Pregnant

D.B. asks from Canton

HI all, I just found out a couple of weeks ago that I am pregnant. I have been struggling with my weight since the birth of my 3rd daughter, now 21 months old. I need...


Tired of Being Asked If I Am Pregnant

M.S. asks from Austin

I was asked for the second time in less than a year how far along I am in my pregnancy. I had my daughter almost 7 years ago, and am not pregnant. I want to lose we...


Getting Pregnant Again at Age 40- Any Thoughts?

E.R. asks from Chicago

I am 40 years old and have a wonderful 10 year old son. I got divorced almost 6 years ago and just got married again in May to a terrific man who is 6 years younger ...


Best Plan to Loose Weight/eat Healthy

B. asks from Chicago

Hi, I am looking for a way to learn to eat healthier and loose weight. I am considering Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers, the South Beach Diet, the Sonoma Diet, or go...