Working while Pregnant: Medela

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Medela Freestyle or PIS

J.K. asks from Dallas

First time Mom looking for recommendation on whether to purchase a Medela Freestyle pump or a Pump in Style? I like that the Freestyle allows you to walk around etc....


Pumping at Work

S.W. asks from Philadelphia

My second baby is due in February. I will be on maternity leave for 2 months, then it's back to work. Based on my job (and commute time) I will be away from my baby :...


Breastpumping at Work

S.J. asks from Wausau

I'm going back to work next week, my little girl will be 8 weeks old. When I'm pumping at work, how often should I pump? Do I need to pump every 2-3 hours like she ea...


Nursing and Job Hunting...

L.B. asks from Stationed Overseas

I applied for a part time job in my field which is teaching and now have an interview late next week. It's just during the summer and only 3 hours a day plus prep ti...


Pumping at Work - Production Has Stopped!

C.F. asks from New York

I am a first time mom returning to work after four months at home with my daughter. I have been pumping on and off while home and have had no volume problems at all. ...


Pregnant Belly Support?

C.F. asks from Salt Lake City

I am 22 weeks pregnant with my third and I am already feeling big. I have heard about belly bands or support straps to help distribute the weight and make this baby ...


Nursing and Work

I.D. asks from Austin

Hi, I am a working mother of a 4mth old and trying to nurse. I started pumping but as the days go by, I get less milk and I need some advice, ideas to help me keep my...


Milk Supply Depleting After Returning to Work

J.M. asks from Salinas

I have a 5 month old baby girl. I returned work when she was 3 months old. I was doing fine with pumping at work. Pumping every 3 hours & getting 17-19 ounces a day w...


Breastfeeding/pumping to Go Back to Work

H.N. asks from Indianapolis

I have a three-week old daughter, and I will be returning to a full-time job in a few weeks. I am trying to prepare by beginning to pump breast milk. I am having tr...


Breast Milk Storage and Adiri Bottles When I Go Back to Work

L.N. asks from Dallas

I'm almost 7 months pregnant, and I am planning to breastfeed. When I go back to work after the baby is born, I plan to pump during the day so he can take breastmilk...