Working while Pregnant: Miralax

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M.K. asks from Syracuse

Has anyone trie dthis with tehir toddlers? How long before it started to work?


Any Moms Use Miralax?

L.N. asks from Benton Harbor

Hi Everyone! I am just curious if any of you have used Miralax for your little ones. I have a seriously constipated 3 yr. old who was actually impacted the other ...


8 Weeks Pregnant and Miserable

T.L. asks from Richmond

I am 8 1/2 weeks pregnant and I am miserable. I am nauseated all the time and tired also. I sleep all day and I am still tired when I get up. I have strong cravings b...


Pregnant, Constipated, and DESPERATE

R.S. asks from New York

Hi lovely mommas! Well, here is my way TMI post - and I am sorry to do this, but I really am desperate. I am pregnant, still in my first trimester. My previous pr...


Pregnant and My Digestive System Has Gone Crazy

K.L. asks from Great Falls

I just found out that I'm pregnant for the second time. I'm only about 5 weeks along, but already I am experiencing extreme constipation. I am normally (when not pr...


My Four Year Old Constipation

R.T. asks from Los Angeles

my four year old has been constipated on and off for a few years now ive tried everything including miralax and he is always stating his butt hurts or there will be a...


Chiropractors & Young Children

D.G. asks from Lincoln

Have you ever taken your young child to one? It was suggested to me when my daughter was colicky but I never took her because I hadn't known anyone to actually do it...


Bloated Stomach

M.B. asks from Kansas City

My 2 year old looks like she has a bloated stomach most of the time. I mean it looks like she is pregnant. We asked the pediatrician and he had a CT Scan and X-ray d...


Help for Constipation in Girls

J.M. asks from Philadelphia

My 5 year old daughter is really constipated she holds it in she has not gone for almost two weeks we went specialist we tried laxatives,miralax fiber but its just se...



M.D. asks from Providence

Hey moms I've got a question about Metamucil. Have any of you tried this for your kids that have issues with bowel movements. My daughter has had issues ever since I ...