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Updated on December 27, 2011
S.Y. asks from Clearwater, FL
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Hi moms! I just found out I am 5 wks preggo...very excided!!!!!!! I just wanted to see what some of you thought of a couple of things. First Coffee, I like to drink one cup of coffee in th morning..just wondering what others moms feel about drinking coffee during pregnancy? Also, I want so bad to stay healthy this time and not gain 65 lbs like my first pregnancy! I started running about a month before I found out I was pregnant, I would like to keep running till I can't run anymore.. Is that safe? I am looking for any other workout pragnancy tips?? Thanks :)

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answers from Hickory on

talk with your doctor..... everyone has different opinions, but i would be scared to death to run while i was prego.....

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answers from Texarkana on

Congrats!! I am nine months prego and have drank one cup of coffee everyday during this pregnancy and my doctor said it was perfectly fine. I'm not a runner but I do power walk a lot and my doctor told me to stick w my normal exercise routine unless I felt it was hurting me or the baby. I think you will be just fine but be sure and double check with your doctor. :)

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answers from Austin on

I'm 39 weeks pregnant and still have one cup every day. You just can't go overboard. My doc says 200 mg/day of caffeine is okay.
And running is fine too, just don't do anything crazy. I ran a 10k in my 5th month and 5k in my 6th month and then slowed down but if your body is already used to distance you can keep going. Just keep your heart rate down. :)

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answers from Los Angeles on

Aww congrats! Well, I only gained 15 pounds when I was expecting, I had a very healthy pregnancy. The best advice I can possible give you would be to take Fish Oil Capsules. They are great for the baby's brain and eye development and they lower cholesterol intake for you. I really think this had alot to do with me only gaining 15 pounds. I had great energy levels as well. Good luck to you:)

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answers from New York on

Super Congrats!
I am due on Sunday- It feels like yesterday I told my husband we were preggo again!
A cup of coffee is fine, and so is any exercise you're used to (except extreme things like down-hill skiing). Jogging is generally considered safe- just don't exercise to exhaustion. Your energy levels will change from day to day. I like Leslie Sansone's Walk Slim workouts- you can power them up or down according to how you are feeling. I also like The Studio workouts from Ellen Barrett (I LOVE the yogini workout.) Not pregnancy specific, but gentle enough to be safe, and hard enough to actually do some good. Tracey Mallett also has a new preggo DVD out that is really nice. You can see clips of hers at The others you can preview at
Doing these videos in rotation kept my weight down. With my first baby I gained 37 lbs. With this one I have gained 25 and for the last 3 weeks, I have been losing a pound or so each week.
Best wishes for you and your new little occupant! I hope this helps!

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answers from Jacksonville on

About the coffe, the studies show that if you are used to drinking a cup of caffinated coffee a day that is was usually ok. Try to limit it to one cup or half decafe and half reg. I never gave up my coke a day habit and occasionally induled in a bit more.

As for running i suggest not since you started recently and when your pregnant you are more likely to fall for no good reason. I did at 35 wks just walking down my hall. Likely, i went to hospital right away and stopped contractions for another week to let her lungs fully develop. Try yoga or speed walking.

As for the weight gain, i too gain ALOT the first time and even had the diabetes. Second time around, i had no choice but to stay awake during day hours and eat regularly as i had my first born to raise. Just watch the sweets, i found fruit was good at curbing my sweet tooth. Plus, i used L-carnitine. Its an amino acid that helps in your circulatory system that can be found in GNC, drug, and grocery stores. My doc found suggestive studies that it can help decrease the chances of getting gestational diabetes and it helped me. The two side effects or benifits are increased energy (dont take before bed, it will keep you up), and stopped the charlie horses i used to get in my legs.

Just read some other posts. It is safe to go to the dentist as pregnancy takes calicum out of teeth alot of time and leaves women prone to more cavities if not properly taking care of. Do tell the dentist office and they will take measures accordingly. NO nitrous. Some insurance will even pay for you to have an additional cleaning done at no charge.

Pregnancy tips:
1. Zofran works great for the help i am puking my guts out and not make me sleepy
2. My gym helps wear out your other one and is wonderfull place
3. join a playgroup- i found some great ones on
4. get your toes done as its a great leg massage. Lee's nails in bayside plaza (SR 590 and McMullen booth)has an awesome spa service for $20bucks
5. Bealls has a good sandal that will support your legs and feet called Fly Flotts
6. Use neutragena sunscreen. You will burn very easily and i love how this brand didnt clog my pores or make me feel slimy. My daugthers love the spray cause its easy and smells good. Other favorite brand is Aveeno.
7. I love the Aveeno baby lotion and bath gel for my girls.
8. 20 mule borax or febreez or arm and hammer to get the spit up smell out of clothes. Works on sweat and pet ordors too.
9. Forget the fancy baby degerent. Try All free and clear. It doesnt have the perfumes in it and more gentle on the skin. Just use a bit less than normal or extra rinse with any degerent.
10. There is prego gummy vitamins and alot better than traditional. If you get sick taking them try taking at night. The iron alway made me sick so i got the LOWEST dose i could find and the pills that had a laxative factor. Otherwise they constapated me bad.

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answers from Charlotte on

I think one cup of coffee is fine, but if you end up with morning sickness, you may not want it anymore.

Please take pregnancy vitamins with folic acid to help you prevent neural tube defects like spina bifida and some forms of cleft palates. You need these even in the weeks before e 8th week of gestation, when the palate is supposed to close.

Congrats on your pregnancy!


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answers from Miami on

I work with kids with special needs.
Eat organic while you are pregnant/nursing.
Do NOT take any vaccines.
Do NOT go to the dentist.
Do NOT eat any "acceptable level" of seafood.
Do not use anything that comes in a spray can.
Drink reverse osmosis water (usually says purified on the bottle) only.
Move your body as much as you can during the whole pregnancy so it sets up the baby's vestibular system.
Take a good probiotic.



answers from Minneapolis on

Keep running! It is perfectly safe to run moderately while pregnant, unless you have some type of complication with your pregnancy. I ran 3-4 miles several times a week, mostly cross-country trails, into my 7th month then switched to walking every day. My midwives were so pleased that I gained only 27 lbs, and was strong and capable when it came to natural labor and delivery. I was 41 years old at the time. My daughter was born at 7 1/2 lbs and perfect.

One cup of coffee per day is fine, again unless you have some type of complication in your pregnacy. I am a tea drinker and lost my taste for tea for awhile during the first trimester, but was able to drink it again later.

I did not see a doctor during my pregnancy, only midwives. I found them to be more well-read on recent research into exercise and pregnancy, and more realistic and relaxed about diet and other things during pregnancy.

AND, invest in a really good maternity running bra. I wouldn't have been able to do it otherwise! I found one from a company called Mothers in Motion, along with running tights with built-in support.

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