Getting a Job While Pregnant

Updated on July 29, 2011
K.C. asks from Texarkana, AR
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Hello ladies I was wondering how many pregnant mothers have actually started a new job while pregnant. I currently have a job but was really wanting to apply for a new one at the school. I work 50 hrs a week and never have weekends off and would look to work school hrs and have weekends free with my husband and son. But I'm 16weeks pregnant should I even bother applying? Do you think I would even be considered for a job knowing I will be off work in Jan for 4-6 weeks. Thanks

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answers from Santa Barbara on

I am always a very open candidate. I have never been pregnant but with this new job I just got in April, I wasnted them to know that my daughter was going off to college so I was wide upen for this very exciting challenge. No upcoming pregnancies or little kids getting sick. I think that puts me at an advantage to someone who wants to follow "they can't ask me that" law. I have no other obligations.

I wouldn't want to make a change for a new job and take 6 - 12 weeks off for anything. I think their should be communication to see if it works for everyone. It's only fair in my eyes.

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answers from Washington DC on

While they can't legally say "I'm not hiring you because you're pregnant" they can choose an equally qualified person instead of you. And honestly, if it was me and I had the choice between two women who were equally qualified but one was pregnant ... the one who wasn't would get the job.

Check into the laws in your state regarding FMLA ... although I think FMLA is a federal law and only kicks in after you've been on your job a year. I could be wrong though.

Also if the company has a different insurance carrier than the company you're currently with, there is a possibility you might not be covered since it's a pre-existing condition. Again that's something you'd have to check the laws of your state about.

Honestly, I'd wait till after baby is born to change anything.

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answers from Chicago on

Just something to consider....If you change jobs now, your new employer is not obligated to allow you the 12 weeks allowed by the Family Medical Leave Act. They also do not have to pay for your insurance during your leave. If you could, I'd wait to change jobs until AFTER your child is born. You'd need to return to work for at least a few weeks before you could quit, or your employer could come after you for the benefits they covered during your leave.

Check into the FMLA laws in your state. Here in IL an employee needs to hold the job for 1 full year before a company is required to follow FMLA rules. Good luck!

My first child was born 1 month early, so I had not been at my job long enough for them to have to cover me under FMLA. I had to buy COBRA insurance to fill the 6 week gap between my last day worked and the end of my maternity leave. It was EXPENSIVE!!

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answers from San Francisco on

From experience, I got a part time job while 8 months pregnant. I had an interview over the phone and manager said she would love to take the next step and have a panel interview. I never said anything about being pregnant, I knew I had to get a foot in first (phone interview) when I went I was obviously huge so no need to address it. They did the whole interview and never addressed or even mentioned my "state" I could have sued them if they even thought of it. A week later they called me and said they love for me to join their team and they would like to know how we would handle when I have to take maternity leave? Know that it was a non-profit organization and they were very eager to help women get ahead...16 weeks you might still no show...apply for jobs and go interview! Good luck :)


answers from Kansas City on

i was 20 weeks with my first when I switched jobs and started at a local hospital. made it past my 90 days by about a month. took my 6 weeks under FMLA, kept my insurance. i worked there 2 years, i had to quit after my twins came for medical issues. they cant not hire you because you are pregnant, and they cant ask you if you are. go for it, you never know!



answers from Dallas on

I started a job when I was about 15 weeks pregnant. I was NOT showing at the time and yes I did get the job. I told them a few weeks later that I had just found out I was pregnant. It was kind of a "Mom and Pop" company and they really didn't give me any specific maternity leave limit. I worked for them for another couple of years and still remain friends with them to this day. (8 years)

I will say this, I recently came clean with my former boss and told her I DID know I was pregnant when she hired me. I asked her if she still would have hired me knowing I was pregnant and she was honest enough to say...NO. She definitely WOULD NOT have told me NO b/c of the pregnancy...she would have found another reason.

My point, just be careful and be aware that employers do frown upon hiring and training a new employee just to have them leave for several weeks after they have a baby. It sucks but it is reality.

I'm curious to hear what you decide. Please keep us updated.


answers from Columbia on

It never hurts to try!
Good luck!



answers from Birmingham on

Definitely go ahead and apply!! If you have a strong work background with the skills they need, they will see you as a good candidate. If you are equally qualified for the job with another applicant, it might go to the other because of the pregnancy, but you just never know. Go for it and apply/interview with all the poise you have to land it! Insurance would probably be a problem if you are the policy holder if you change job but if you are on husband's insurance .. yea!



answers from Seattle on

They can't legally not hire you because you're pregnant. That's not to say they won't come up with some other excuse but if you want to go for it, you shouldn't let being pregnant stand in your way. I went on an interview while I was pregnant and waited until the end of the interview to tell the guy. He said that wasn't a problem (though of course he has to say that) but in the end it wasn't a good fit. Anyway, my point is - you should go for it and don't worry about the pregnancy. And I would suggest waiting until the end of the first in person interview to tell them. good luck!



answers from Minneapolis on

You can of course try for a new job while pregnant. Do not mention your pregnancy during any interview. And pregnancy, by law, can not be considered a pre-existing condition if you switch medical insurance plans with a new job.

"In addition, HIPAA prohibits plans from applying a preexisting condition exclusion to pregnancy, genetic information, and certain children."

This quote is from:

People are out of work for 4-6 weeks for many different reasons. No need to let pregnancy stop you from exploring new jobs.



answers from Lexington on

Actually, the job I have now I got while pg.

Just know that you may not be eligible for paid maternity leave and they may not be obligated to hold your job while you are gone. I had to take unpaid leave and pay for my insurance (through the company I worked for) while I was off. FMLA did not apply.

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