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Updated on April 26, 2011
D.M. asks from Saint Paul, MN
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I read a question early today which I've been thinking a lot about. The question was from a SAHM entering the workforce and she was pregnant. I am in the workforce and 14 weeks pregnant with #3 - I say that because I'm showing and people are shocked I'm only 14 weeks. There's not hiding or denying it. The answers varyied from what I need because she's not currently working. I am and also just received a 60 day notice (long story but I don't want to be fired or out of work as I carry the benefits and my husband doesn't have them available to him), I've tried to fight it and it's beyond that, so i'm just focused on finding a new job - and being 14 weeks and showing is nerve racking. We are open to relocation so that helps open more doors - so far all interviews have been phone interviews, I have 2 that are getting close to me going to meet them in person. One of the answers I read was from an HR person that said don't mention it, let it be - I feel really weird doing that. She had good points that she doesn't watn to know and have that factor in, but I feel dishonest doing that. I know the legality and all, but still I wonder. THe last time I got far into the interview process, I told the her I was prego and it didn't go any further - was it because I was preggo? I don't know. I wasn't sure i wanted it with a new baby because of the travel and I was open with that, so that very well could be a reason not to go forward (the travel wasn't clear in the posting). I'm just not sure I want to show up for the interview with a big belly and just pretend it isn't there. I also want them to know this is #3, I've been through the drill a time or two before, I know I won't be staying home - so no risk of me not coming back. Also want them to know I'm only 14 weeks, so plenty of work time left - vs getting to work and leaving to go on leave. So, do I mention it or seriously just pretend my baby bump's not there?

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answers from Chicago on

you could seek temp work until after the baby is born which is another option. Companies can't discriminate based on pregnancy but let's face it they do. I had success finding work through a temp agency until after my son was born.

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answers from Chicago on

I think the reality is that many companies don't want to hire pregnant people. Yes, it is illegal to discriminate against someone for being pregnant, but the reality is that they have a job to fill and don't want to hire someone who is going to be "out of work" for any reason.

That being said, you have no reason to be dishonest. I'd say, address any concerns they might have. The more you DON'T talk about it, the more they are going to jump to conclusions - and likely the wrong conclusions.

So they won't ASK you if you're pregnant. You bring it up. Say that you understand this isn't an ideal time to be job hunting, but here are the good qualities you bring to the table, how you're going to "help" them ease the transition while you will be out on leave, and why they should hire you (for the long haul).

I'm sorry that you're in this situation. I know you're stress levels are already high. I hope my input helps.

BTW - I used to be in HR, and work in recruiting.

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answers from Minneapolis on

I have worked as an HR Manager and a recruiter. If you are interviewing for typical corporate jobs, you want to pretend that the baby bump is not there. They can not legally ask you about it, so you do not need to discuss it.

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answers from Madison on

I would NOT mention it. First, if the tables were turned and your husband was interviewing, would he tell them that he is expecting to be a father in 26 weeks or so? I don't think so.

Also, even though this is #3, you're only 14 weeks, you've been through it before, and you plan on returning to work, employers see it differently. They see a mom with a newborn (4-16 or more weeks off b/c of maternity leave) then a mom who is probably the primary care-giver to 3 children. So, who takes off when the kids are sick? Who wants to leave early occasionally to see a soccer, basketball, football game or ballet/dance class? Unfortunately in our society businesses tend not to be family friendly - they only see the bottom line: loss of work time = loss of money.

IMHO, it is not being dishonest. Just as you lost your current job, that employer is doing what is in their best interest: letting you go. You need to do what is in your best interest - have a job to maintain your family.

Good luck with the baby and your job hunt.

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answers from Lake Charles on

Don't bring up the pregnancy. At 14 weeks you could just be fat. It WILL play a role in determining if you will be hired and odds are you won't be. You need to talk to a lawyer about being let go.. chances are you CAN fight it, especially with you being pregnant. It's not hard to do, I looked into it but declined because I didn't want to go back to a hostile work environment. If you want the job bad enough you'll get over feeling "guilty", they legally can't take it into consideration so you should not feel guilty about anything. You are not lying, being dishonest and they don't need to know how many kids you have etc. If you want the job don't have faith that your new employer will be "honest", they're looking out for their bottom line and the bottom line is that they will have to replace you for 6 weeks at great cost to them, in the very near future.

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answers from Milwaukee on

I wouldn't mention it. Doies it affect how you will do your job? Are you on restrictions? If not don't worry about it.



answers from Omaha on

Being preggers shouldn't play into your qualification for the job. Personally, I would not say anything and address the issue (returning to work after having the baby, how far along you are, etc) if asked.


answers from Tampa on

DO NOT disclose your pregnancy.

First off it is none of their business

Secondly, yes it will be a HUGE mark AGAINST hiring you.

Third, dress in clothing which may conceal or make it appear you are not pregnant.

It is against the law to discriminate against a pregnant woman... but they will do it anyways. They do it against Mothers as well. You need a job? Then don't undercut yourself and don't be the cause of your own rejections.


answers from Dallas on

I went to work as a substitute teacher when I was pregnant. I had no problem getting hired and an assignment everyday. It was great to be surrounded by women that were oh so interested in the pregnancy. It was also great because teachers get a conferance hour and a lunch hour. So, I could go to the teachers lounge and take naps. On days when I just didn't feel good, I didn't have to take an assingment. I'd say it's a perfect job for a pregnant person.



answers from Eau Claire on

I know you feel it is being dishonest not telling them but you need to consider is you and your abilities that they should be hiring not your family status. I once didn't get hired for a job because I shared a story about my young children and wasn't even pregnant. I know because the conversation was heading that way and then I shared the funny story and everyone went quiet and abruptly ended the interview. There are many women with a few extra pounds so conceal it and let them see the you they are hiring because if you are planning on going back to work after the baby it is the you that will matter. You will only be missing a few weeks and that can be planned for after you have the job. People have many reasons for taking a few weeks off of work such as a sick parent. If you had a sick parent would you feel the need to disclose that at an interview? The job market right now is tough. I think by sharing that in an interview it gives the impression that you can't keep your personal and your business life separate. Good Luck!



answers from Orlando on

I lost two different jobs while pregnant with my second daughter. Neither was my fault, one was a budget cut/low on the totem pole kind of thing and the other the entire business closed.

I finally found an awesome work from home job that I love, and that could really work for you, at least until after the baby is born and you can find something away from the home that you love.

You can private message me if you want more information about what I do and love, I know that there is no advertising in this part of the site. :)

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