Working while Pregnant: Baby Einstein

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Pregnant with 2Nd Child - Nervous :)

L.H. asks from Nashville

I have a beautiful 10 month old baby boy and am currently 8 weeks pregnant with our second child. I am SO excited about having another baby. We didn't want to wait ...


Pregnant and Raising a Toddler

H.1. asks from Des Moines

God help me! I am 7 weeks pregnant with baby #2. I stay home full time with my 18 month old son. He's a handful to say the least! Now, all of my unpleasant symptoms a...


Need Help Balancing Work and a 17 Month Old

R.B. asks from Indianapolis

Does anyone work from home and is having trouble balancing everything. I am working from home and it is tough when there is no one to help watch my son. I am a single...


Traveling with a 10 Month Old Aaand 12 Weeks Pregnant!!!

C.R. asks from Waterloo

Hi every body I need some advise about traveling with a baby and been pregnant at the same time!next week Im traveling with my daugther and im pregnant, My husband is...


Seeking Advice from Moms with Lots of Small Children and Pregnant

C.K. asks from Columbus

I am pregnant with my 4th child and feeling very tired and ill. I have a 3yr old, 2yr old, and 1yr old. I have No energy and No help. I'm just looking for some moral ...


Nebulizing Baby While Pregnant

K.D. asks from Denver

Does anyone know a good way to nebulize a baby without having to breathe in the medicine? Also, are there good activities to do to help with the last few minutes of ...


Necessary to Have Both a Jumper and an Exercise Saucer?

M.S. asks from Chicago

I'm a very practical person, so when I became pregnant with my first son, I checked with friends to see what I could get second-hand before registering for new produc...


At What Age Should Kids Watch Tv?

L.M. asks from Portland

My son is 21 months and hasn't had much tv time at all. When we do watch it, I put on Baby Einstein Wordsworth 10 minute segment, or maybe an episode of Blue's Clue's...


Bed Time for Infant

B.B. asks from Nashville

my daughter will not go to bed until 2 am each night. I've tried cutting down her naps, and evening letting her cry for up to 45 minuets - checking in to let her know...


8 Month Old Very Clingy and Still Wakes Every 1-2 Hours All Night Every Night!

F.G. asks from Phoenix

*** New info first!*** I posted the following request just about 36 hours ago and already I have had so many replies. You are all wonderful. I had so many diff...