Looking for the Job of My Dreams While Pregnant

Updated on November 01, 2010
L.B. asks from Windsor Mill, MD
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Hey again moms,
Well I have told you moms about how much I hate my job that I work at now and have decided that I want to leave my job. My passion is a job that allows me to travel, set my own hours and has something to do with children. I know that sounds more like a dream than realistic but I'm sure its out there. The big dilemma is that I am currently pregnant, I'm trying my best to deal with my position and stick it out until I give birth and then leave but everyday with the people that I work with is a struggle. All day all they do is gossip and talk about people behind their back but as soon as they step in front of their face, they are smiling and joking with them. I seriously don't need to be around people like that and wish that I wasn't around them. But back to my job hunt I've always had a love for working with children and have degrees in psychology and criminal justice. I know counseling is the first thing that jumps out to you but I don't have my license. I have considered going back to school but I'm not sure if that's right for me now with 2 small children. I'm really stuck and running out of patience. Being pregnant and dealing with all the hormones makes it even harder to deal with the people that I work with. Any ideas on places or a career to look at? Any ideas will be greatly appreciated. Thanks ladies.

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answers from Portland on

I suggest that you find a way to continue with your current job by learning how to manage your feelings. When you do this you'll have gained a skill that will be extremely beneficial for the rest of your life.

I make this suggestion based on my own experience. I took a leave of absence because I hated my job so much. I learned that every other job I could have had equal tho different draw backs and the one I was considering leaving had more positives then negative when compared to the ones I found while on my leave.

I went back to my first job and went back into counseling. One book that helped me tremendously was "What to Say to Yourself When You Talk With Yourself." I worked on this idea for several months before I started feeling less angst over my job. I found some other articles with similar ideas. It was worth the work. I stayed with my job, felt success, and have a great retirement now.

I'm also a much happier person. I've been thru some difficult times since retirement. I was still able to maintain perspective and look forward to better times in a better way than I would've been able to if I'd not stayed with my job and focused on learning how to ignore people even tho they were irritating.

I agree that it's best to stay until you take a leave for the baby's birth. You may find that with the new baby, you'll want to focus on the baby instead of a new career. Because a baby is such a big change I suggest that it's not wise to make any other big changes if they're not necessary.

You can make the work situation tolerable by focusing on things other than work. Ignore those irritating people. Force yourself to think about something else and repeat happy thoughts. Do not dwell on your critical thoughts. Remind yourself that they are just a very small part of your life. You can stand them for now because you do have a long range goal that you will be able to reach at a later time.

Later: I read your previous posts. Why are you allowing these women to have control of how you feel? You describe them as being rude and disrespectful. Your response to them also sounds rude and disrespectful.
You can be a better person than they are. And you can have control over how you react to other people. Please take control of yourself and your responses. You'll feel so much better about life in general if you take back your power.

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answers from Harrisburg on

The only two jobs I can think of that allows flexibility in travel, work with children is social work or a traveling nanny. With your psychology and criminal justice degree it would be a good match for social work. You would probably have to have a masters in that. However, in your current situation you are pregnant and have or going to have 2 small children. You will need to take care of them financially. If you don't have an immediate job opening, as much as you hate your job, you will have to adjust your mindset and try to act professionally, ignore the gossip and make a goal as to WHEN you want to leave. It is one thing to hate it and not have a plan, versus hating the job and moving toward a plan. Put one in place, work toward it, and consider your financial needs, then leave when it is time. All the best!

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answers from Pittsburgh on

I don't think you will have an easy time finding a JOB with those qualifications unless you have special training and a degree. You would be better off finding a business with those traits. I have an internet business that gives me the flexibility to work around my kids schedule. I don't travel, but I could if I so choose to. The travel industry might work, but really is a job that won't give you flexible hours.


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answers from Dallas on

What about checking into a law enforcement position that is a student liaison position or something like DARE (drug awareness and resistance education ) or whatever they call it these days? Unfortunately, in these economic times, those are often the programs that get cut first. You could also check with your local school district, they may offer similar programs and need someone with your background. You could also check with something like Boys & Girls Club to see if they might be able to utilize your skills. Good luck-- you may not want to take on something new until after you are back from maternity leave, but you might do some checking now!

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answers from Dallas on

What I do allows me to travel and set my own hours. In fact I even have the capability as I grow my business to earn trips to exciting places. Last year my friends went to Hawaii. They put in more hours than I do and have a larger business. I only work about 5 hours a week, but I believe you could do very well on 20 hours a week. I have my own business from home and can manage all via the internet and telephone. I offer people an array of natural nutrition products. The fun part is helping people to feel better and regain health. I'm doing it, so I'm sure you could do something like this too. If you want to see what I do just email me and I'll sent you an internet link.

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answers from Seattle on

Actually, the first thing that jumps to my mind is an NGO or Govt Organization. Like the International Center for Missing and Exploited Children, or Human Rights Watch, or any one of several hundred orgs that work with children in this and other countries. Govt wise: Interpol/Europol. Or the FBI or State Dept. A courier has nothing to do with children, but a lot to do with travel. A travel agent can actually specialize in family vacations/ family resorts, and that job by definiton requires a lot of travel as all GOOD agents and agencies travel everywhere themselves that they're rec'ing to others.

Having both worked full time with a young child and having been in school full time with a young child... I choose school. Hands down.

Only needing to be "gone" 4-10 hours a week for class time, studying during naps and after they're asleep or during preschool, to me was the best of both worlds of being a SAHP and a WP. I could only swing 2 classes at a time and maintain a 3.8-4.0 in both classes... but that was just FINE with me. I was in no "hurry". My priority was my son first, school second. Neither got short shrift by gong part time.

An added bene of being in school is that kids MODEL what parents do. My son constantly seeing me with my books (I didn't study with him around until MUCH later, but they'd be there as he woke up from a nap, and he'd be waving bye-bye to me "while mommy's in school", and even coming on campus with me fairly frequently meant that he was SO chomping at the bit to "go to school" himself :)

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answers from Washington DC on

I love what I do, and am happy to share. It offers two out of your 3 criteria. Feel free to contact me for more. Good luck finding just what you are looking for! www.TheWhyCircle.com/nkboecker

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