Working while Pregnant: Nasonex

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D.K. asks from Denver

Has anyone used this on their children? I took my son to get his checkup on his ear tubes today. I mentioned to the Dr again that for over a year he has had serio...


Nasonex for a Seven Year Old...

J.J. asks from Pocatello

My seven year old son has suffered from severe migraines since he was three. This last summer they increased in both frequency and severity. I finally convinced his d...


Pregnant with Allergies

L.M. asks from Austin

HELP!! I am miserable I am 15 weeks pregnant with #2, I have just gotten over the constant nausea and now this. My allergies are killing me, I know Benydryl is safe, ...


Allergy Meds While Pregnant

S.M. asks from Columbus

I was hoping someone might know of an allergy medicine that is safe to use during pregnancy. I get chronic sinus infections from my allergies. Last time I was pregn...


Allergy Medication While Pregnant

B.C. asks from Dallas

Hi to all.....I am almost 8 weeks pregnant and suffering severley with allergies these last couple of days. I put a call in to the Dr. wondering which allergy meds I ...


Getting Pregnant & Allergy Medication ...

T.C. asks from Detroit

My last experience w/ mamasource responses was overwhelming wonderful ... I had to try again! My question for you all now is : allergy medications & TRYING to get p...


Second Week of Sinus Issues - 35 Weeks Pregnant

J.D. asks from Dallas

OK... I'm 35 weeks pregnant, so when this all started a week ago last Thursday, I went to the doctor and got a Zpack... To no avail this stuff has not gone away. It s...


Toddler Snoring

P.R. asks from Dallas

My 19 month old doesn't sleep well and snores very loudly. I took her to her ped & he said she has large tonsils & adenoids that are blocking her airway thus the snor...


Breastfeeding and Medications

M.T. asks from Las Vegas

Hi, just wanted to see if anyone else has this problem and what you did about it. I currently have an almost 4 month old daughter. I am nursing and it is going grea...


Need Medicine Help

J.H. asks from Houston

I am 5 months pregnant with child #2 and I am not feeling well. My worse thing is when my nose is stopped up and that is what I have. Is there something I can do for ...