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7Th Old Daughter Has Sore Bottom

S.G. asks from Davenport

my daughter woke up and has had diarrhea all dayand now her bottom is sore and I thought maybe if she took a bath it would help but it seems to put her in more pain w...


A & D Ointment Question.

H.R. asks from St. Louis

My 18 month old has a very curious personality and every so often i find him enjoying the tube of a & d. was just wondering if anyone knows why hes doing this? Is it ...


4 Yr Old Excessive Licking Lips Making Really Bad Chapped Lips, What to Do?

A.G. asks from Boston

Hi everyone, my son keeps licking his lips excessivly and we live in Massachusetts... his lips and area around his mouth are red and so chapped, it looks rediculous ...


Red Scrotum

J.P. asks from Chicago son's scrotum is bright red and sensitive to the touch!! What is it? I scheduled an appointment for later today but I am so worried. He never gets diaper ...


Granddaughter's Itching

G.S. asks from Raleigh

Home Remedy for 3yr. old girl vaginal itching


Is Desitin Safe for 2 Week Old?

G.S. asks from Los Angeles

I change my baby's diaper at least 10 times a day, but somehow he seems to be getting a mild diaper rash. Is it safe to use Desitin on a two week old?


Desitin Diaper Cream

A.R. asks from Macon

I have used Aveeno diaper cream on my daughter since birth with no problems. But when she got a rash it didnt seem to do much to heal so on rashes I used Destin. Well...


Balmex Application Tips

P.R. asks from Boston

Well, my 5 month old has a slight diaper rash and I now remember what I hate about Balmex, putting it on their but! The one in the tube isn't asthick and doesn't wor...


How Do You Get Rid of Diaper Rash?

M.G. asks from Chicago

We have been lucky enough to avoid diaper rash for the last 18 months, but after a long car ride our daughter developed diaper rash. We had previously been using Balm...


Chapped Skin Under Son's Nose

L.T. asks from Philadelphia

My 2 year old son is sick with a really runny nose and sore throat/ cough. The doctor said it is just a mild case of the flu. Anyway, my son hates when even one lit...