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Baby Will Not Take Pacifier

A.S. asks from Bloomington

Hi, I am wondering if there are other mothers who have gone through the same situation as me - I am breastfeeding my 7 week old son, and he likes to get his comfor...


Seeking Advise on How to Cure My Sons Eczema Naturally

J.R. asks from Philadelphia

I trying to find a way to treat my 4 year old sons eczema without having to use medications and/or over the counter creams. I have tried the lotions and all he does ...


Bottom Problems.

A.B. asks from Los Angeles

My 3 year old daughter, Emma, has been on a battle for almost a year. She has been battling sores (almost blister like) on her bottom. Each time we go to the doctor...


Skin Allergy to Citrus???

J.R. asks from Miami

Dear Mommas, my 3 YO son is blessed :) with my white and sensitive skin -- with all of its ups and downs.... Yesterday, he took another child's :) glass of lemo...


Diaper Rash, Only It's Not!

C.S. asks from Dallas

I have been fighting a horrible rash on front and back of my 3 year old. You name it, I've tried it. Thing is, my sitter can keep her for two nights and almost make...



D.O. asks from Chicago

My 4 year old's hands are very badly chapped. Her skin is bright red up to her wrists. This happened last fall/winter, too. I've started putting lotion on her hand...


Rash on My Little Girls Privates

J.M. asks from Orlando

My 4 year old is having a problem with a rash on her privates but on the lip part, like it is chapped. I have started having her wipe with moist wipes yesterday beca...


What to Use on Scars

J.S. asks from Chicago

My 4 year old daughter had surgery in April. She now has a huge scar on her belly. What is the best way to take care of it for it to heal the best and hopefully fad...


Milk for 12 Month Old?

K.C. asks from Chicago

My son will be 12 months soon and we are looking forward to getting him off that expensive formula but we aren't sure what to put him on after that. My 3 year old da...


Question About Rash

J. asks from Chicago

My 4 year old has had a rash (more like chapped skin)on her private area for over 2 weeks now. The doctor, who has never seen her about this, said that it was probabl...