7Th Old Daughter Has Sore Bottom

Updated on August 18, 2014
S.G. asks from Davenport, IA
11 answers

my daughter woke up and has had diarrhea all dayand now her bottom is sore and I thought maybe if she took a bath it would help but it seems to put her in more pain was wondering what works the best

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answers from Washington DC on

Monistat cream. Clean her up, dry her butt COMPLETELY with a hair dryer on a low setting, put on the Monistat, and diaper her. Repeat until her butt is clear. Works every time in just a day or so.

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answers from Norfolk on

The acid of her stool has burnt her skin.
Neutralize the acid.
You can try several things.
Baking soda in her bath water.
You can put liquid Mylanta on her behind.

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answers from Washington DC on

A & D ointment works great for that!

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answers from Portland on

Our 4 yo goes through this periodically.....since she was born actually. The doctor, on call nurse and ER have all said the same thing. Put her in a cool bath with lots of baking soda to neutralize the acid. Five minutes is long enough, no more than 10. Make a mixture of Desitin and Monistat half and half and put this on her to protect her bottom. The more you can keep it covered with cream, the less the next bout of diarrhea will burn her again.

I hope she feels better soon. I know how bad this can hurt and hard it is to be the Momma taking care of her. You can also give her some fiber gummies if you need to slow down the diarrhea. Oh, and probiotics are really good for this too.



answers from Chattanooga on

I would give her some A&D ointment. I would also get her some sensitive baby wipes to use until it feels better.



answers from New York on

I always keep some Aquafor on hand for stuff like this! :(



answers from Muncie on

A cold cloth lightly PRESSED on her bottom to clean it. Then gently apply ointment that you buy for diaper rash. Trust me it works! My daughter just turned 8 and at times is red and raw "down there". I use A&D ointment, I have since she was a baby.

Note: She may be sensitive to the A&D brand, just try another. My son's rashes got worse with A&D so I use Desitin on him.



answers from Oklahoma City on

If it's galded from the heat of the diarrhea then the cool bath will help the pain.

The stomach acid that comes out in some diarrhea is very caustic. It's eating away at her skin. Maalox or Mylanta fluid antacid can actually help. Dab in onto her hiney with cotton balls. Pour some into a small cup then dip the cotton ball in it. Pour out the left over liquid.

Burn cream might help but it's pretty much a serious medicine. We used antacid in my child care center and it cleared it up in a couple of hours.


answers from Santa Fe on

Something like Desitin (rash cream) and Baby Powder would probably help. Poor thing.



answers from Denver on

Bath with oatmeal might help. Vaseline. Plenty of water. Maybe some Sprite. And pepto bismal. Also...if she's lethargic at all, call your doctor!



answers from Chicago on

Vaseline will help protect her skin as well.

poor thing.


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