Preschooler: Claritin

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Claritin or Zyrtec for Pregnancy and 3 Year Old?

B.S. asks from Reno

Hi mommies. I am currently 7 months pregnant and my doc said I can take claritin or zyrtec. Which works best!? I am so miserable this year I can barely stand to be...


Claritin Side Effects with Toddlers

D.P. asks from Seattle

Has anyone given claritin to a toddler and experience behavioral side-effects? My 2.5 year old has been taking Claritin for a little over a week and has been acting ...


Claritin vs Zyrtec for 3 Year Old

J.S. asks from Chicago

Just curious on what other moms think of claritin or zyrtec for a child. My daughter will be 3 next month and we are trying to figure out what works best on her. Her ...


Help with 4 Year Old

K.D. asks from Boston

My son has recently turned 4. In the past month, he's started screaming when he's frustrated. My husband and I are not yellers. We get along really good and very rare...


4 Year Old Son with Allergies/asthma

T.S. asks from Phoenix

My 4 year old son was recently diagosed with allergies associated with asthma. He gets a persistant cough this time of year and in the fall. The cough sometimes caus...


Help! My 3 YO Niece Never Sleeps!!!

L.R. asks from Austin

My sister and her two daughters - 3 and 4 live me. The 3 YO doesn't SLEEP! All hours of the morning she's roaming the house! I'm talking 2AM, 4AM, etc. Sometimes ...


Cough Med for My 42Lb 3 Year Old....

S.S. asks from Houston

Hey Ya'll! My 3yo daughter who will be 4 in January has a yucky cough. She has no fever and doesn't "feel bad", she just has some drainage and that brings on the co...


What Do I Do for My 3 Year Old's Stuffy Nose???

A.H. asks from Allentown

Hi. Anyone else out there try to buy cold medicine this season for your toddler and finding that evertyhing has been taken off the market for cold medicine for kids u...


Allergy Medicine for an Almost 4 Year Old?

S.R. asks from Kansas City

We are not a family that takes a lot of medicines, I can only remember a handful of times I have even given our son Motrin (I'm not a fan of tylenol.) We recently saw...


Allergies in 4 Year Old

E.T. asks from Memphis

My 4 year old gets about 4-5 sinus infections a year. He gets a really bad, deep cough and I won't even go into details about how gross his nose gets. I'm sure it's f...