Granddaughter's Itching

Updated on April 05, 2014
G.S. asks from Fayetteville, NC
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Home Remedy for 3yr. old girl vaginal itching

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So What Happened?

Know that she was taken to the Doctor and given a test for UTI. And Thank You Dana because we know now the keep the A&D on hand because it is a case of her just getting potty trained but she never wipes afterwards. And also the other old response on a children's Probiotics because she already takes yogurt well.

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answers from Philadelphia on

It could be a yeast infection. My daughter's would occasionally get this when they wore diapers. My doctor recommended Lotrim cream and it would clear it right up.

FYI...if it is pin worms, you can buy the medicine over the counter at any drug store.

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answers from Austin on

Check for pinworms. They are very common in toddlers and children, and often migrate to the area around the vagina.

If it is pinworms, she will need to see a doctor for medicine.

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answers from Chicago on

You really need to take her to the doctor to see if it's a yeast infection. My younger daughter used to get those when she was that age. Home remedies for that don't work. And it's not fun to live with a yeast infection. Go to the doctor.

ADDED: You didn't say the doctor tested her for a yeast infection. That's completely different from a uti. If she's not wiping properly, it's probably a yeast infection.

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answers from San Diego on

My middle daughter had yeast infections a lot when she was young. I took her to the doctor, she got medicine, but the the doctor said NO BUBBLE BATHS EVER. No soap on her vagina. She could play in the bath for hours with her sisters, but we never put any soap in it. When it was time to scrub her feet, hands, etc we would scrub down with Cetaphil & then we have the detachable shower head & I would rinse her, rinse her vagina & bottom real good. I also kept Tucks & unscented wipes in the bathroom for when she needed a little help getting clean after a BM. The doctor also told us to eat yoghourt every day & drink cranberry juice. Costo makes a great grape-cranberry juice that doesn't have any added sugars. Good Luck

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answers from Miami on

Just because you took her to the doc and got a UTI check doesn't mean that the doc checked her for a yeast infection. Please call and ask for this. It's important.

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answers from San Antonio on

No wipes! They will only irritate her more. I use anti itch cream on the outside only. If it continues call her pediatrician.



answers from Muncie on

A&D Ointment.

My 7 year old isn't always the best wiper, so I make sure I have A&D in the house for when she's raw.



answers from San Francisco on

I think you should ask the doctor, not use a home remedy. A 3 year old's vagina shouldn't be that itchy.

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