Preschooler: Epi

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Epi Pen ????

C.C. asks from Dallas

My daughter is allergic to peanuts and we just went and picked up her epi pen and I noticed that it exp in may 2007. That just doesn't seem to be a very long shelf l...


Is It Common to Be Induced and Go Without a Epi?

R.S. asks from Boston

I really wanted to go all natural. My due date was the 26th and iam scheduled to be induced this monday. I'm wondering if I should pass or take epi or tell them I wan...


Question for Moms Who Must Carry Medications (Like Benadryl or Epi-pen).

S.B. asks from Los Angeles

My three-year-old son has a couple of food allergies that require us to carry an Epi-Pen and Benadryl with us. I need it to be accessible, so I keep it in my purse o...


4 Year Old with Diabetes

R.C. asks from Boston

My grandson has just been diagnosed with diabetes, like last night in the hospital. He had been tons of fluids, peeing it all out, didn't want to eat. Parents brought...


4 Year Old with Allergies and Asthma

C.R. asks from Cleveland

Hi,my 4 year old has had the worst time this year with her asthma...she has been on alll the over the counter stuff and most of the persription too. nothing seems to ...


My Almost 3 Year Old Boy Has Horrible Reaction to Rice & Sweet Potatoes.

E.B. asks from Los Angeles

My almost 3 year old has a severe vomiting reaction to rice and sweet potatoes. When my son was about a year old, I realized that every time I fed him Rice Cereal he ...


Confused About Allergy Treatment. Clarinex for My 3 Year Old?

C.M. asks from Chicago

Hi Moms, My 3 year old daughter suffers from multiple food and pet allergies, allergic rhinitis, and eczema. I am confused about how I can help her. She has been see...


Food Allergy in 3 Year!

M.H. asks from Anchorage

I know that my 3 year old son has a food allergy, I just can't figure out what it is that he's allergic to. He has only had a reaction 3 times and every time it was ...


3 Year Old Allergy Testing

M.E. asks from Philadelphia

My 3 year old has been struggling with itchy eyes and nose off and on for the last year or 2. I hate to medicate him for allergies because I keep thinking he just has...


HELP!!!!! We THINK My 3 Year Old Has HIVES!

J.T. asks from Pensacola

My daughter has had a terrible cough and runny nose for the last 3 days so I started giving her Triaminic Long Acting Cough this morning. Well, right after I gave her...