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How Do I Begin to Teach My 3 Year Old His Letters?

C.P. asks from Houston

Hello, I need help teaching my almost 3 year old his ABC's. He can say his ABC's, but as far as letter recognition goes, he has no interest. How do I begin? I trie...


Math for 4 Year Old

V.S. asks from Los Angeles

My son, who is now 4, has always loved numbers since before he was a year old. He loves counting to anything he does - counting going up & down stairs, his toys, sta...


Need Help Teaching My 3+ Year-old to Do Buttons, Zippers, Etc.

D.J. asks from New York

My 3+ year old is showing interest in getting himself ready. He is starting to get really good at dressing himself and is trying to do buttons, zippers, etc. Does a...


3 Year Old Development

L.P. asks from Pittsburgh

I am half worried about posting this question because I am not sure I want to read all the responses... please be gentle with me! My son is 3 years and 3 months ol...


What to Buy a 4 Year Old Girl for Her Birthday?

M.J. asks from Chicago

We have a birthday party to go to for a 4 year old girl. What are girls into at this age? If you have any suggestions of something cute that I know would be safe to...


Gifts for a 4 Year Old

K.H. asks from Johnson City

My little princess will be turning 4 in October. I am looking for gift ideas. She loves to read, color, play outside. She loves games as well. Thanks in Advance


Christmas Present for 4 Year Old with Sensory Issues

E.P. asks from Dallas

Hello Moms, I am late in sending a Christmas present to my 4 year old nephew, whom has sensory issues, and I do not know what I could get him that would be educati...


Gift Ideas for 3 Year Old Boy

R.B. asks from San Antonio

hi all, i wanted to get some suggestions about gifts for my son's upcoming birthday for myself and the guests. people have been nice enough to ask me what to brin...


Birthday Present for 3 Year Old

R.K. asks from Boston

What do you get for a 3 year old girl who has everything? Every book. Every toy. I would like her to enjoy a new gift and I'm stumped.


Ideas for Gifts for "3 & 4" Year Old

K.M. asks from Dallas

Tis' the son just got two invites today to birthday parties this month. One for a girl turning 4 (girl) and another for a boy turning 3 (boy). Does an...