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Question for Mommy's with Little Boys

R.M. asks from Pocatello

This may sound silly.......but here it goes. I have a 4 1/2 year old who wore a swimsuit to play in the sprinklers. Of course he took his underwear off. About an h...


Favorite Boo-boo Cleaner?

R.. asks from Chattanooga

My DD is in the wonderful stage of walking where she has more confidence than skill... so of course she is getting all kinds of scrapes and bruises. I don't worry abo...


My Daughter and Clothes!

A.M. asks from Dallas

My four yr old has been pulling at her panties for a while and now she doesnt like to wear pants! I asked the dr about it he said not to bathe her everyday and on day...


Horrible Diaper Rash

T.H. asks from Topeka

My daughter who is one has a horrible diaper rash. She usually gets these when she is teething. It is so bad that it bleeds. I feel so bad for her. I have tried balme...


Daughter Afraid to Poop!

K.P. asks from Kansas City

I need your help moms! My 2 year old girl is holding in her poop! She intentionally clenches so it won't come out then she cries until it passes. I have no idea wh...


Chapped Skin on Face of Toddler

G.W. asks from Dallas

I would like to see if anyone has a good recommendation for something I can put on my 16 month old's little face. Just under his bottom lip he has a pretty red dry ch...


Need HELP for Severe Diaper Rash/yeast Infection

K.S. asks from Raleigh

My 20-month-old developed a double ear infection and has been put on Omniceft for 10 days. A side effect of the meds is that he has very loose stools MULTIPLE times ...


Weeping Craddle Cap?

R.A. asks from Peoria

Ok our son is 3 months old and his ped says that he has craddle cap. I did what he said but now it has changed. There are tiny pin prick looking and are on his forhea...


Thank You!

K.R. asks from Boston

Thank you so much for all the great advise. Very happy to be a member of mamasource. Dillon's rash is getting better with Ammens powder. I will remeber all the gre...


How to get rid of bad diaper rash on infant?

C.K. asks from Fort Myers

My daughter is ten months old she is currently crawling and beginning to take steps. Last week she got a really bad diaper rash on her side. When we were at the docto...