A & D Ointment Question.

Updated on November 17, 2010
H.R. asks from Saint Louis, MO
7 answers

My 18 month old has a very curious personality and every so often i find him enjoying the tube of a & d. was just wondering if anyone knows why hes doing this? Is it just my kid or has anyone else had this happen too?

I guess i could have clarified.. I usually have it out of reach or hidden in his diaper bag but i have found him with the lid open and a faint smell of the ointment on his lips. i know hes not eating a large amount and i have called around and asked what would happen (which is diarhea) after a dirty diaper hes fine. What im trying to find out is WHY would he do this? is it just his curiousity or is there something more behind it?

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answers from Kansas City on

Like eating it?? Yuck. I can't say that my kids have ever eaten any of that stuff, they are very curious as well, but my 13 month old loves to carry the tube around and chew on the outside of it, teething issues I can only guess. I do try and take most of that stuff away, which is probably what makes it so intriguing, only b/c I wouldn't want anything to accidentally come open and them ingest it. If he's just playing with it...I think it's totally normal. It's something he sees you use a lot and just wants to use it too! But, like I said, be careful, you don't want him to put it in his mouth.

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answers from Detroit on

How is he 'enjoying' it?

My kids both chewed on the tube. That's when I got it out of their reach.

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answers from Kansas City on

Yes, it's normal for children to get into things like that and explore...taste, feel, smell. You have a normal child!



answers from Scranton on

I think its a kid thing. My 7yo and 3.5yo loved desitin. My 3 yo LOVED it(yuck) i would find him hiding in the corner eating desitin. He thought it was an in between meals snack. Lucky its non toxic (so is a&d btw).

Ok so this is 6 hours later but i had to tell you. I just caught my younger 2 boys (ages 3 and 2) sitting quietly in the living room eating desitin. Yeah Desitin from head to toe ground into the carpet and white tounges. yuck!


answers from Dallas on

My two-year-old rubs lotion on his body and then licks his hands sometimes...lol!



answers from Milwaukee on

My youngest would do this with lotion.. Could not leave lotion around at all.. she would smell of lotion.. Oh and soap.. she would eat it if she was allowed.. and she has taken the bar of soap to suck on it.. We joke and say we could never use that as a threat if she were to start cussing, she'd just enjoy it too much.. Must be something that is very interesting for them.. dunno.



answers from Kansas City on

Ah yes, A&D, the wonder ointment. I have used A&D for almost 50 years. My mom always thought it was THE product, and I think she was right. I just put some on my daughter's & my lips last night to keep them moist during the dry winter weather.

I think it's the smell...it doesn't smell like anything else. Look on the bright side, at least he's getting his vitamins AND he'll have soft skin & lips!

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