Preschooler: Aquaphor

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4 Year Old Complaining About His Feet

M.K. asks from Chicago

My 4 year old son has been complaining that his toes/feet hurt for the last couple of months. His big toes on both feet seem to have some peeling skin right above th...


My 3 Year Old Daughter Suffers from Extreme Eczema.

K.T. asks from Austin

She's had eczema since 3 months. We've tried everything any doctor instructs. Nothing has helped. I'm currently working with a chemist who is trying to formulate a pr...


*3 Year Old with Rash Around Her EYES*

R.D. asks from Richmond

okay i dont if i've addressed this before, but my 3 year old is DEFINATELY my rashy kid! its always something! she went to the pediatrician 3 weeks ago for a check up...


Almost 3 Year Old's SEVERE Dry Skin

C. asks from Chicago

My son's skin has always been real dry, but especially in the past year or so. I'm quickly running out of ideas on how to help it. He's almost 3 years old (will be ...


My 4 Year Old Won't Stop Sucking on His Clothes/hands

H.M. asks from Cincinnati

My son is 4 1/2 and has recently started sucking on his shirts, jackets, and hands constantly. Today he went through 3 shirts before finally making him go bareback f...


3 Year Old's Dry, Itchy Hands

H.M. asks from Phoenix

My daughter started preschool a couple of months ago and they have her wash her hands very frequently. She now has extremely dry, cracked hands. I had the class switc...


I Need a Super Good Lip Balm for My 3 Year Old Daughter

Y.C. asks from New York

My 3 year old has very dry lips, this move to our new house has being a wonderful thing but has take a tool in some parts. She drinks plenty of milk and some juice w...


Almost 4 Year Old, Very Chapped Lips

S.B. asks from Wichita

My almost 4 year old has very chapped lips. I put lip balm on it and my husband puts some kind of mentholatum (sorry about the spelling) on it at night. But it seems ...


4 y.o. With Bad Case of Eczema

K.W. asks from Muncie

My four year old daughter has had Eczema on and off since she was born. In the past I have taken her to the pediatrician and gotten a prescription for a skin cream. ...


3 Year Old Weird Habit

A.H. asks from Las Vegas

Hi, My 3 yr old son has been licking around his mouth lately, it's been getting bad. He has marks around his mouth, they look bad and starting to hurt. My husband ...