Preschooler: Adidas

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Running Shoes for 4 Year Old

J.D. asks from Dallas

What are the best running shoes for a 4 year old? She has soccer and likes to RUN. This week, she has gotten shin splints and I think a better shoe would help prevent...


Help with Sensitive 4 Year Old!

H.W. asks from Minneapolis

My 4 year old son has always been "intense." But can also be quite adaptable and easy. Sleep seems to be a big factor. But lately he is over sensitive about clothe...


Need Suggestions for Preschool Boys Size 12 Gym Shoes

L.B. asks from Chicago

Hi Mamas, I have been buying Sketcher gym shoes (aka sneakers) as my 4 year old son's everyday shoes as I have liked that they have velcro straps instead of laces...


When Did Your Child Care About What Other Kids Were Wearing?

F.W. asks from Cumberland

So this is kind of JFF and partially to get some perspective. My 3 year old had a meltdown had her first dance class because we did not bring a tutu and some of the ...


Soccer Advice

D.B. asks from Philadelphia

My 4 yr. old is starting soccer on Saturday April 4th, I have already purchased the shin guards and practice ball she needs. However I need some advice with the shoes...


Boy Shoes

S.S. asks from San Francisco

Hi All, I have 2 boys who are always on the go. My Problem: They go through sneakers fast. Last year I bought 3 pairs for my oldest (4.5) in 9 months. Now granted...


Clothing and Shoe Thoughts

D.L. asks from Columbus

Hi Moms! Clothing and shoe questions. With school starting back up soon, I was just curious as to what some of you feel are wardrobe staples for your grade-schooler...


Best Shoes for Toddlers?

B.B. asks from Houston

For the first pair of walking shoes, I purchased stride rite but they were $50. Is there truly a difference in the high price and the everyday prices for other shoes...


Double-Wide Feet

J.G. asks from New York

Hey, mamas. My son has double-wide feet, and it's been IMPOSSIBLE to find a cool pair of canvas sneakers for him. All Stars will never happen, and even Keds in a ...


My Toddler Won't Wear Shoes.

L.A. asks from Boston

My son is 17 months old and doesn't want to wear shoes. He doesn't mind socks but as soon as I put the shoes on he cries histerecly and won't stop no matter how long...