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Have You Made the Switch? (Cable vs Satellite)

N.C. asks from Rockford

This is for those who enjoy tv, but don't feel like paying out the nose for it! (I know there are families who do not watch much tv and I have much respect for that,...


Do You Have a Home Phone?

M.D. asks from Dallas

we are considering having our home phone turned off. We hardly ever use it.. We always use the cell phones. It would save us about 50-60 per month and we have enoug...


Who's Better, Cox or AT&T for Cable Services?

C.A. asks from San Diego

Hi Moms, I have been a Cox customer for years~~we have the "Bundle", phone, internet and cable, my dilema is $170.00 a month. I have heard the AT&T commerc...


Does Anyone Else Not Have Cable?

A.F. asks from Columbus

We hardly ever watch TV so we decided to turn off cable, they are coming today to pick up the equipment and turn off the cable. Does anyone know if you have to have o...


High Speed Internet

A.O. asks from Kalamazoo

Okay, so we're still behind the times when it comes to our internet service. We had a dinosaur computer that wouldn't support high speed service but we've recently p...


Cut the Cord W/ Cable, but Antennas SUCK

S.C. asks from Milwaukee

I cut the cord w/ my basic, channels 2-24, cable a few weeks ago. I hook my computer up to the tv and go to the channels websites to watch the shows I like. I have ...


Pulling the Plug! (Cable) - Suggestions? Tips?

I.:. asks from Minneapolis

In an attempt to save money, I have finally (almost) talked my hubby into cutting cable. We need the wireless internet since we both work from home a fair amount of t...


Too Much TV

L.C. asks from Norfolk

This is going to sound bad, and that's because I know it is. But my 3 year old daughter watches entirely too much TV. Between 8-12 hours a day. I know that sounds hor...


Cable Tv, Bundled Package.. Who Do You Like?

K.G. asks from Boca Raton

Hi Moms, We have Comcast (living in South Florida)... I HATE Comcast nowadays... It has changed over to Xfinity and ever since then, it's been NOTHING BUT ISSUES w...


TV Without Cable?

A.M. asks from Dallas

We are wanting to get rid of our Uverse (fiberoptic) programming for our tv. We don't want to get cable or satellite either. Just plain 'ol tv like when dh and I we...