Has Anyone Tried Roku in Place of Cable Tv?

Updated on August 26, 2016
J.J. asks from Lancaster, NY
9 answers

Has anyone tried Roku, did you use it in place of cable tv? Pros and Cons?

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answers from Portland on

I've subscribed to Netflix. It's $8.95/month and gives me access to other similar sights.

My daughter and family use Netflix, exclusively. No cable. They get local channels with an antenna over the air.

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answers from Oklahoma City on

My friend went to Roku. She is completely happy with it. She watches all the reruns she wants of just about any show. There are limits on today's programming though.

She says there are tons of free channels and she can watch a lot of shows. The big channels are for sale. You have to pay to watch them, this whole season and on TV now shows. Like NCIS, she doesn't get new episodes of it. She'd have to pay to get access to NBC, CBS, ABC, and more.

You do not get local channels such as weather or news. She had a tornado the other day and didn't even know there was a storm coming until it hit and then sirens went off. She went outside and took a photo of the tornado too. It wasn't raining at her house but the tornado was about 1/2 mile from her house.

Consider this. If your town had a bad storm going on or some other weather crises, do you want to completely rely on Facebook and weather apps for your safety?

Crazy to me to give up instant weather channel radar that is local to your town.

That's pretty much the only thing I can think of that is a huge negative for me.

You'll just need to understand exactly what you're getting with the Roku device and what you'll have to buy from those places that aren't free. Depends on what shows you like.

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answers from Detroit on

Hi J.,

I have a colleague at work who has that and loves it but he's a tech geek who likes stuff like that........

If I were in your shoes, I'd use my Google buddy and see what's out there. :-) let us know what happened. S.

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answers from Seattle on

We do, we like it. We havent had cable for years, but we do get some over the air channels with an antenna. My husband built a computer that works like a TiVo, so we use that with roku. It's great!

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answers from Anchorage on

I have never tried Roku, we just use netflix and have considered hulu but so far have not needed to add it since there are a ton of shows on netflix and they constantly change what is available. We got rid of cable about 5 years ago and don't miss it at all.

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answers from Chicago on

We've never had cable, so I can't compare. On Roku, we can watch Netflix, Amazon, Acorn (British TV), Wall Street Journal on Line, a news feed, NBC News, the Weather Channel all free. There are specialty channels (pilates, yoga, Smithsonian) to which you can subscribe. We aren't into sports in any more than a casual way, so I don't know what those options might be using Roku..

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answers from Springfield on

I don't know if I would like it better or not, but I am very jealous of anyone who has the option. We live out in the country, so our internet service has a data limit. We don't dare watching streaming live except the occasional (and very short) youtube video. (sigh) Maybe someday :-)

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answers from Killeen on

We use Roku and cut off our cable. My husband had been bugging me to do it for a year, but I was nervous. It has been two years now and we have had no problems at all. We have Netflix, Hulu and Amazon and HBO go and we are able to watch everything we watched before for a much lower cost than we were paying for cable.

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answers from Wausau on

I have a Roku on the tv in my bedroom. I use it for Hulu & Netflix mostly. Occasionally Amazon. In our living room, we stream by way of a PS3.

We haven't had a cable package in over a decade. The kids think cable is a fun part of vacation when we stay in a hotel. When they were little, they loved Cartoon Network and Disney. More recently, they were enamored with the History channel. We told them we are not getting cable and to wait for the shows to be on Netflix. :-D

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