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Dish Network or Direct TV??

R.B. asks from San Angelo

With the whole digital age thing coming on in February I wanted to get some opinions on what is better for the $$$ Dish Network or Direct TV. We live out in the coun...


Question About Streaming to TV

D.N. asks from Chicago

We cut the cord about a month ago. It has been awesome. Love controlling what my kids watch by only getting DVDs from the library that I want them to watch. I have...


Wow! Cable Bundles VS. AT&T Bundles-Which Do You Have and Why Do You like It?

I.C. asks from Chicago

I am requesting information and experience from those who use Wow! services. I am currently an AT&T Bundle pack customer and have been working on reevaluating the fin...


TV Or Internet News

V.B. asks from Columbus

Hi all, How do parents manage their kids' exposure to news? I would like our kid to be informed about the local and world events, things that are happening outsid...


Internet Service Providers

J.T. asks from Provo

I currently use Qwest for my ISP but I'm looking to switch. I know there are cheaper options out there that give a "bundle discount" for home phone (including unlimit...


What Phone Service Do You Use?

R.S. asks from Seattle

I'm comparing phone and internet rates since we want to drop Comcast Triple Play (as I said in another post). Want o switch to AT&T U-Verse but it' s not available i...


Affordable Internet & Telephone

C.H. asks from Denver

Any suggestions for an affordable home internet & telephone provider. We are trying to cut back with our finances and are currently paying over $75 for the most basic...


How Much Did That Cost?

K.B. asks from Chicago

How often do people ask you how much you paid for something? I know people who ask just for the sake of commenting on how they would not have paid that or how they co...


Cox Vs. Direct TV or Other Satellite Provider

M.G. asks from Omaha

We currently use Cox for our internet, phone and cable service. I have already cut back a little on our cable service, to save some money, but it's not making that m...


Is This Worth Spending $$ Out of Savings

N.S. asks from Dallas

After years of immature spending habits just this year I became more mature about spending my money. I use to blow money on just about anything, but now every time I ...