Cable Package Woes!

Updated on August 30, 2011
L.R. asks from Rhinelander, WI
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Ugh so i wanted to get rid of television for two reasons one, my husband agree'd we should at least go down to the basics. But all together was not a bad idea either and then also to reduce our monthly costs since we hardly ever watch it anyway. We didn't have anything fancy first 100 chanels and thats about it. Anyhow I call to reduce our amount and just have cable internet and phone. It shows on our bill that we pay 70 for tv, 20 for phone and 40 for internet roughly. To go to just phone and internet it will be 90 or I can get basic cable tv and the rest for 70 WHAT! This is just crazy! Does anyone else feel like some places just nickle and dime you for everything!

I have to have internet for school so that is a must and we do a lot of long distance calls and don't have a cell so the phone is a must.

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So What Happened?

Thanks everyone I think I just needed to vent a bit. Locally we don't have any other options so the threat that we will just cancel service doesn't work :( I ended up going with the 70 for all services since it was 15 less then just keeping internet and phone...I just wish they would take the 19.99 off that price that they charge for "basic tv " so I only pay $50 but nope that is NOT an option Ugh! Annoying

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answers from San Francisco on

Okay, maybe YOU know it's not a valid threat to cancel your service, but your provider doesn't know that. Tell them you will have to cancel your service, that it doesn't make sense that all of a sudden they'll be charging you more for the same exact services. Tell them you'll just use your cell phone and wireless card for your computer - they don't know you won't do it. If that doesn't do the trick, politely ask for a supervisor and tell them that you'll be cancelling and why. More often than not, they do have wiggle room on pricing and the threat of canceling service is enough to get your price lowered. Another thing you can do is to see if there are any new packages for phone and internet that may lower your price. Good luck!


answers from San Antonio on

Your post is the reason we don't do cable. Hulu and Netflix is going to be enough for us. We pay for phone/internet only and yes - we do feel nickled and dimed even with these too.


answers from Houston on

It's a game. My husband gets after all of our service providers periodically. He just tells them 'thank you but no; you can cancel my service now.' Once they start spluttering, he tells them what price he wants to pay and magic things happen. Our phone and internet is less than $50 all in each month. Don't put up with it. They are liars but they probably won't want to lose your business so play hardball. As my husband says they aren't the only game in town and don't let them forget it.



answers from Albuquerque on

Complain..but be polite. Call and tell them that you need to cancel. When they ask why tell them its a luxury you cant afford anymore, they will try to keep you as a customer and offer you a deal. Just remember to be nice, if you get nasty at all they wont help you at all. Good luck



answers from Minneapolis on

Here is what we did...
We had a digital antenna installed on our roof. This way we are able to get all of the basic channels on all of the TVs in our home.

If we want to watch any 'cable' shows... they are available on Hulu online.

We also have Tivo Service. Using this we can stream shows from Netflix and Hulu through our TV. We LOVE it and our Comcast bill went from $192 a month to $90!



answers from Miami on

Okay, so here is what my husband and I did when we moved. We got out of our Comcast contract because they don't service the new neighborhood we live in (although they did try to charge the cancellation fee, but I talked to a manager and he waived it). We bought (and don't laugh) digital antennas for the TV. You get all of the local network stations in your area (NBC, ABC, CBS, Fox), as well as, PBS and some other stations, depending on where you live. The good ones cost around $40, but they work pretty well and once you buy the antenna, it's FREE!

We also had to have internet, so we got DSL, which was the only option here and it is around $50 per month. As for the phone, we got Ooma, which is an internet phone system. We have a local (to our area) phone number that we got to choose from the numbers available. It is unlimited long distance, caller ID, etc. (and, frankly, some other cool features, like I will get an email with an audio file when I get a voicemail so I can listen to it on my computer or smartphone when I'm not home) for $10 per month. They have a cheaper plan for $4 per month (which I think is just the federal taxes that you can't get around). You just have the buy the equipment up front. Lots of people I know have Magic Jack, which works kind of the same way and is pretty cheap too. So, now we are paying around $60 per month instead of $150 and we never really watched the cable channels much anyway. The only thing we might miss this Fall is ESPN for football, but a lot of the games can be watched on the internet, so we have cables to plug our computers into the TV to watch on the bigger screens. It can be done less expensively if you go to the trouble of getting it set up. So far, so good for us and I'm happy we aren't a slave to the cable company anymore! Good luck!

I should add that we also have Netflix through our Wii (although we cancelled the DVD portion of that service when they raised their prices, just out of principle) and as JessinTexas pointed out, you can find a lot on Hulu as well. Hope this helps!



answers from Pittsburgh on

Well, it certainly doesn't make sense, but it's a no-brainer: keep the cable (cheaper package) and limit the tv yourselves! That's why they offer the "bundle" & at a better value.

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