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Cable/ Internet Services

M. asks from Minneapolis

Hi, We need to cut costs in our budget. (Doesn't everyone these days!) We currently have a bundle of phone, high speed internet and cable. We can't afford it anymo...


Cable Vs. Satellite

L.J. asks from Birmingham

We are trying to save money anywhere possible. We currently have Charter cable w/internet. My husband thinks we should try a satellite but I think cable would be mo...


Has Anyone Tried Roku in Place of Cable Tv?

J.J. asks from Buffalo

Has anyone tried Roku, did you use it in place of cable tv? Pros and Cons?


Who Do You Have Cable Service Provider

L.S. asks from Pittsburgh

Currently I have my phone and internet through verizon and our cable through dishnetwork. For all 3 services I am paying $260 a month. I really like my dvr, and I ...


Ft Stewart Internet Service and Cell Phone Service

C.H. asks from Savannah

I am moving to Ft Stewart soon and want to know what internet and cell phone services are available at Ft Stewart. It seems that only Coastal is available for broadb...


Thinking of Switching to Dish from Cable

C.T. asks from Fayetteville

My husband and I are working on paying off debt and are trying to find ways to reduce our expenses. We are thinking of using AT&T for internet, phone, cell phone and ...


Time Warner Cable

M.L. asks from Dallas

Hello mamas, I am wanting some feedback from moms on your experience with Time Warner Cable, good and bad. We are considering switching to them and getting the bundl...


Cable Package Woes!

L.R. asks from Wausau

Ugh so i wanted to get rid of television for two reasons one, my husband agree'd we should at least go down to the basics. But all together was not a bad idea either ...


Help, My Cable Bill Is Outrageous!

E.A. asks from Seattle

Everything is going up and we're taking a hard look at our budget. My adult daughter and I had a conversation the other day about the cable bill once again slowly cr...


Looking for CHEAPEST Bundles of Home Phone, Cell Phone, & Internet - Vonage?

M.L. asks from Kansas City

Hey everyone! We're moving soon & I'm trying to research some things in advance. What's the best & cheapest way to go for Home phone, cell phone, and Internet in ...