Who Do U Use?? Cable, Phone, Dsl, Electricity Etc??

Updated on September 03, 2007
L.N. asks from Plano, TX
4 answers

We are moving to Plano at the end of September. I want to shop around and get prices for services including local and long distance phone, DSL, electricity, and cable (might stick with Direct tv just for NFL package for my Saints fan hubby!) Can you please give me estimates of rates including their number so I can call Tuesday.

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answers from Salt Lake City on

We did the bundle package with Verizon for cable, phone and internet. We love the Fios internet with them, but the phone bill after taxes is about 15 or 20 dollars more than they advertise! It's crazy! I would go with Vonage for phone, because they include all the add-ons, and they are only maybe 6 dollars more than the 24.99 they advertise after taxes and fees. We have Amigo Energy for electricity, and we like them. Try powertochoose.com. It gives you all of the current pricing for the different companies. That's how I found Amigo, but prices are always changing. Good luck!


answers from Dallas on

I use AT&T phone lines with unlimited long distance since all my family is a plane ticket away. My monthly bill for 2 lines is around $120. One of those lines has the big package (call waiting, caller id, etc) and the other is just a line my 12 yr old uses that also is used for an internet line just in case wifi goes out.

For Energy, We use Reliant. I switched a long time ago from TXU and we have been happy with them. Last year our highest bill was about $700 and this year the highest has been about $450. (My DH installed about $1300 worth of new insulation and new hunter fans) My house is about 8 yrs old and 4000+ sq feet.

Gas is Atmos which can run up to $400 range in the coldest part of the season. The rest of the year is usually less than $100 per month.

Our cable (tv and interne)t is Time Warner at about $100/month

We don't have the special Tivo, extra channels, etc because we don't use it. We have had a decent experience with Time Warner with our wifi connection which we cannot live without.

We also keep a dial up Earthlink acct on hand for about $22 a month to make sure we have connection in case of any outages, we can dial up.

I hope you like it here!



answers from Dallas on

We currently use Time Warner Cable for our digital cable for $52. We use Verizon for phone and DSL. I found that the price of the cable internet was very close to getting DSL and a home line from Verizon. We have Stream Energy at a rate of .125 for our electric provider. Water is City of Plano. I don't have their numbers at hand.



answers from San Antonio on

I work for an electricity provider, StreamEnergy, that is in your area. Not only do we offer the lowest rates on the market, we also offer an AMAZING business opportunity for stay-at-home moms like you. I have several friends who have quit their jobs, to work for Stream. Let me know if you want more information.
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