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Updated on September 23, 2008
M. asks from Saint Paul, MN
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We need to cut costs in our budget. (Doesn't everyone these days!) We currently have a bundle of phone, high speed internet and cable. We can't afford it anymore as the propmotion has ended. I've been trying to comparison shop and am willing to cancel home phone b/c we could get by with our cells. Is anyone happy with their services and are getting a good deal? I don't really care if we need to have a separate internet provider and have cable with someone else as long as the price is right and the service is good. Thanks so much for your replies!

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Hi there!
I am assuming that you go with Comcast, since they have that bundled service for $99. We go with them to. We recently moved and wanted to transfer service and they gave us such a run around! Every person I talked to gave us a different quote and was really annoying. Finally I talked to a manager, and basically said that I was a loyal customer and was thinking of switching now, and BOOM they gave me the "new customer" quote and I am back down to the $99 a month rate. How sad that you have to threaten to leave, but hey, if it saves a buck go for it! They would rather have you at the lower rate then have you leave as customer!



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If you happen to live in Minneapolis, consider the USI Wireless Wifi. It is just over $30 dollars a month compared to over $60 we were paying with Comcast.



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You can check out the replies I recieved under "I hate Comcast..." It may help you. :)



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Hi M.,

We have "basic" DSL internet from AT&T for $19.99/month. (They have a faster DSL service for $30-something/month, but their "basic" service suits our needs.) The $19.99/month is not a promo rate, it's not a bundle rate, we don't have a contract--that's their "everyday" rate. We are beyond pleased with AT&T, and their Customer Service Dept is wonderful to work with.

We have cell phone service from Virgin Mobile, which I am also happy with. There are no contracts to deal with--you pay for your plan a month at a time. This works out great for us, because some months we know we are going to use the phone more or less, and we can adjust our package as we go.

I would advise you to stay away from Qwest. We still have our home phone through them, and they are an absolute nightmare. Their Customer Service Dept is beyond rude, half of them can't even speak adequate English, and you could talk to 3 people and get 3 completely different answers. I am ready to dump them when I have the time.

Good luck!

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